pain in legs help please

Hi I had my first relapse in October, and in the months that have followed I have chronic pain in my legs. My other symptoms have improved. I started amitrityline 10mg per night and this helps me sleep. As I have started doing more the pain gets worse.I can’t walk far or drive as if I do the pain the next day and night is even worse and I have to rest for a few days. If I stayed in and just pottered the pain is doctor wants me to increase the amitriptlyn to see if this helps and she advises that this would continue working in the day. My ms nurse says it won’t and I need gabapentin.2 things I would really like advice on is if anyone takes amitriptlyn in the day as I don’t get side effects from this so would be happy to try this or should I try gabapentin. I’m not living at all in this pain and I should be as I have no outward signs of disability. Also I popped out over the weekend for 10 mins and the pain has been worse in the cold, I had to take all my clothes off as I felt like I was burning and I couldn’t have anything touching me. At other times my legs ache as well.I have my 3 children who want to do things and I can’t.

Personal for me, (not DX yet) Ampitriptolin didnt do anything and the gabapentin I was on was 900mg daily and I found out on hear they can increase that quite a lot. I stoppd taking them both as After a couple of months it really made no difference to me. I am on amantadine for fatigue and that helps most days but as for the pain, I get pain in my legs and I also find walking standing or driving hard, I dont have anyhting for the pain. I have asked but not recieved still waiting for my results of the latest MRI.

Good luck and get to your doctors or speak to your MS nirse about getting something for it,

If your GP will prescribe either (and he/she should), then why not try amitriptyline first and see if it works. If it doesn’t, then try gabapentin. You can take both so you won’t have to stop taking your evening amitriptyline dose. Karen x

i had chronic pain in my legs and was put on gabapentin, i actually started gabapentin for sensory pain, it worked great for the sensory pain but i was still getting the chronic leg pain.

I switched from gabapentin to pregablin at 600mg per day. this got shut of both sensory pain and the chronic leg pain so if the gabapentin doesn’t work then this may be an option.

whatever they prescribe i wish you the best of luck and hope you sort it out