I could cry I'm that fed up with it

I dont know what do do with myself I’m that uncomfortable with this damn disease. Since early January I’ve had no feeling inbetween my legs yet constantly feel like I have something stuck in my back passage :frowning: to sit is uncomfortable as it feels like it burning & prickling my bum cheeks, if I try & walk about I have a heavy feeling between my legs almost as if I have a brick in my pants, has anyone else ever had this feeling? I’m at my wits end :cry: Thank you in advance Sue x

You poor thing, it sounds awful. Are you on anything like amitriptyline or gabapentin? When I had the “hug” my skin felt numb but burning and pricking at the same time, also the spasms and heaviness would make me gasp. I found 1800mg of Gabapentin daily helped ease that. I then suffered terrible arm spasms and found amitriptyline helped with that. I am now suffering with the arm again and it literally feels so heavy that I feel I’m going to topple over and it is so uncomfortable with the pins and needles in my arm and thumb excruitiatingly painful. I’m just wondering whether this heavy feeling you’re having is caused by muscle spasms and if you’re not on muscle relaxing medication I would ask your Gp to consider putting you on something. It defintely sounds as if you’re having a lengthy relapse.

Thanks I’ve tried gabapentin & amitryptaline unfortunatley neither drug agreed with me :frowning: I was on beta-interferon yrs ago & had to come off that too as I was having fartoo many relapses on it than off it, then webt on Aziathoprine but that made my red/white blood cells dangerously at risk of major organs failing. My neuro/Gp have come to the conclusion that I’m not good with drugs :frowning: I’m currently on 10mg of nortryptaline only at bedtime, tried 20mg but was like a zombie all the next day. I’ve had so many bad relapses over my years of MS I’ve resigned myself to thinking I must have been a bad person in my previous life!! Lol Sorry your not feeling too good either, it’s sucks dosen’t it X

Hi, you poor thing, I totally feel for you, and yes, I have had the same symptoms as you. My first relapse was pretty severe and I was actually diagnosed with transverse myelitis. I was numb from the bra line down to my toes and I had a feeling like I was wearing a really tight G string all the time, even though I wasn’t. Crazy sensations. The neuro put me on gabapentin but it didn’t agree with me either (and neither does gabapentin) so I went through that relapse drug free (apart from steroids). I can totally feel your pain and hope it’s not too much longer till it eases for you. Lisa x