Hi does anyone have any tips on dealing with leg pain? Mine started about 6months ago and despite trying gaberpentin and duloxetine it doesn’t seem to want to leave me alone! It’s particularly bad at night or when I’m resting and varies from stabbing pains to a gnawing sensation that spreads into my ankle and and thigh. I would appreciate any suggestions as its starting to drag me down. Thank you x

Hi Hazel

I get exactly the same. Like you say especially at night. I was on Gabapentin and Baclofen which didn’t help so I have recently started Amitriptyline which works really really well and I haven’t been woken wth the pain since starting. The pain was awful, like you say.

Hope you can find something to help.

Shazzie xx

I had mild leg pain at night and I read that magnesium would help. I tried it and am delighted to say that the pain has gone.


Which Magnesium do you take Jane? I know there are a few and I must admit it confused me a bit.

Shazzie x

What dose of amitriptyline do you take?I’m already taking 20mg, maybe I’ll give the magnesium a try.

thanks for your replies xx

I take 50mg Amitriptyline and that knocks all twitches etc. on the head I don’t get bad pain but it certainly helps me sleep.

Magnesium seems to be something that can cause upset tummy for some but it does work - I use the spray on my legs, then I also give my legs a rub putting it on which helps too

Sonia x

Thanks for your suggestions xx