leg pain :-(

Ironically I said the other day I have no pain… Well at 4 am I woke up with pain in my lower leg and thigh, this is in my good leg too. Its not excruciating, bit like a pulsing pain coming and going but regularly…is this m.s or not? I took ibuprofen which must have eased it a little as a finally fell back to sleep. My main worry is this is my good leg, does that mean I now might deteriorate on this side too? This is the first time I’ve had pain on that side or anything for that matter except sensations but they are the norm for me anyway x x

Have you tried taking magnesium supplement - this helps with painful legs at night. l take it with my vitamind3 - as they are important together. Now l am trying magnesium oil sprayed and massaged in my aching joints/muscles. Feels good - too soon to say how good it is going to be.

My ‘Good Leg’ is now my bad leg - because l have had to rely on it to stand and stagger about because the ms leg is such a useless drag - l have ‘abnormal wear and tear’ now in my good leg. lts doing the work of two. So the useless leg does not hurt - apart from muscle spasms - and the good leg hip/knee/ankle are very arthritic. Sods Law. l think this could be called a Double Whammy.


Its the first time I’ve had this and it actually has eased now? What causes it, are they spasms? I will try magnesium, may aswell add something else to my many vitamins. The leg is achy now but only in the areas where I had the pain. My left leg is not terrible but I do struggle to walk far as it goes heavy, stand or rest for ten mins or so I can then continue. This may improve and I’m having physio, going gym etc so hopefully it will. I had q relapse January so I guess its early days as people keep reminding me. But id worry if my right leg started to fail as it was def the stronger one. And hopefully still is. Will do my exercises in a mo and see :wink: Thanks for your advice hun x

Right got the magnesium. Hoping it doesn’t happen again whatever it wss x

Right got the magnesium. Hoping it doesn’t happen again whatever it wss x