Leg cramps

I was dx secondary ms last year and was told I’d have no more relapses. All this week I have been really tired and have had cramps in my legs - mainly my calfs. This pain has got worse the last couple of days to the point were I’ve had about an hours sleep since Friday :(. I’ve increased my baclofen and amitriptline and taken 2 dydracodine ( to try and knock my self out) all to no avail - any one any ideas? Is this a ‘flare up’? A relapse or what? Please someone stop this pain

Do try Magnesium tablets - We are recommended to take magnesium alongside Vit d3. lt helps with cramp. But also helps the absorbtion of vitd3/calcium. Google Vitamin d3/magnesium/ ms.

Also, a handful of Epsom Salts [ which is magnesium] in your bath water helps with joint pain. That is of course if you are lucky enough to be able to get into a bath.

You can also get magnesium gel - which you can massage into your legs as well.

i was going to recommend magnesium but spacejacket beat me to it!

carole x

Hi I already take magnisum - and a bath…I wish! Any other ideas?

I already take magniesm Any other ideas