Arghh! Cramp is attacking me every night. A month ago I weened myself off amitriptyline but last week cramp and twitches have kicked back in. I’m due an MRI on 15th Aug followed by my consultant apt on 08/09…I’ve only waited 6 mths since my relapse to see him and the time is right for DMD’s now that symptoms are more prolific. Do many people suffer from cramp?

I take 375mg of magnesium and it has definitely eased problems with spasm & cramp. Regular stretching and massage also helps.

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Yep, I’m a martyr to it.

It’s because the neurons are “over-excitable”, sending messages to the muscles to contract, when there’s no need.

I now take a whole cocktail of things to counteract it. During the day, only baclofen, but last thing at night, baclofen, diazepam quinine - and yes, magnesium tablets.

It still doesn’t give a 100% trouble-free night, especially as the first ones begin to wear off in the small hours, but it’s loads better than before I took all this stuff.



Yes along with spasms this has been pretty constant through out my ms and always worse at bedtime.

Got a lot worse just before diagnosed with spms

I take takes a while to kick in so I take a couple hours before sleep time.


Crikey - my Baclofen takes about twenty minutes to cut in, and wears off after about four hours, so if I took it two hours before bed-time, I’d only get two decent hours in bed before I was cramping again. Just shows how different people react differently to exactly the same thing.

I always take mine as late as possible before bed.


So should I just pop down to my pharmacy or health store and puck some up or should I just wait until I see my consultant on 08.09? Thanks for your replies.

You can’t do yourself any harm just by taking some magnesium supplements - you don’t need your consultant’s permission for that.

However, if, as I suspect, it turns out they’re not enough, and you need some more heavy-duty stuff, you’ll need him to prescribe.


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