Someone please help I’m looking for advice. I’m really new to all this but beginning to really struggle. I am 24 got diagnosed Rrms December 2018. Been lucky so far with symptoms of Ms. End of July I had a small relapse I believe of the right side of my leg going funny every now and then. Then wore off near enough completely… I started treatment Plegridy Monday 9th July 2021 so beginning of this week. Then Wednesday 11th July (a few days later) I started to experience extreme cramping (maybe muscle spazums I’m not to sure) down the complete right side of my body to the point where I can’t do nothing they are so strong. I don’t know if the medication does not agree with me or is setting off some new symptoms as this is very unusual for me? I am getting so down about it. I’m constantly feeling so tired and this really isn’t helping me. It’s happening around 10-15 times a day or more since Wednesday. I am unable to speak to my nurses till Monday as they are both away! My gp prescribed me baclofen to try help started at 5mg (half a tablet 3 times a day) today I upped it to 10mg 3 times a day as it’s not helping me at all. Can someone please help if they had any thing like this or if plegridy set off some symptoms and then calmed down? Or what I can do to help. I’m really struggling right now! Please help. Thank you I’m advance

I have no idea if your medication is related to cramps. I get spasm in my leg at night which in turn leads to breathtaking cramp. I take Baclofen to reduce the spasm, I take Quinine sulphate for cramp (and drink loads of tonic water, with or without gin!) and I have learned that if I can relax and breathe deeply when a cramp starts rather than flinch or tense up the outcome is usually better.
Good luck

I find magnesium eases the problems with spasm & cramp and is a beneficial mineral, so no harm in trying. Regular stretching is a good idea too.

Will it ever stop? I work in a school so got a few more weeks till I go back and I’m petrified it won’t go by then. I am on 10mg baclofen 3 times a day now and it’s not stopping or reducing the spasms / cramp … I’m not sure if I should up it again. I still haven’t been able to get hold of any of my nurses due to their annual leave till now Thursday… It’s breath taking for me and getting me so down! Last night it woke me every single hour. Today I have woken up with bad pain down the same right side near my hip when I’m walking or even sitting… I find the spazums/cramps are worse when I stand up from being in a chair/bed or getting out from the car. Is there nothing anyone can do for this & also where do I get the magnesium from? Thanks for replies so far. X

I get my magnesium from healthspan (removed by moderator), but any chemist will stock them. You might need to experiment a bit to find an amount that suits you, and best avoid oxide, as it can act as a laxative.
I hope you find workable solution soon.