Tightness/cramping/muscle spasms

Over a week now I have been getting extreme severe tightening/cramping/muscle spasms down my whole right side from my right eye all the way down to my toes. I can feel my eye twitching when it happens. Been on baclofen a week now and no improvement. Maybe a few less a day but hasn’t helped the severity at all if not they are getting worse. Finally spoke to my ms nurse today as she got back from annual leave today, she spoke to my consultant who has now prescribed gabapentin although I am unable to pick these up till Monday. Has anyone else experienced this? Will it ever stop? It’s causing me extreme anxiety, worry and stress. As well as extreme tiredness as they are waking me in pain and cripple ness every single hour of the night. I have had enough of it :frowning: I have also started magnesium tablets yesterday I bought from the pharmacy

I’m on baclofen and gabapentin but after a month or so, have weaned myself off gabapentin. Am in a little more pain as a result but am able to think more clearly and less prone to falling asleep. Everyone is different but gabapentin didn’t help me. Magnesium may help with the fatigue - try cod liver oil as well. Seven Seas market them in a twin pack.

Have you had a blood test lately? I was put on potassium supplement following a low reading which was potentially as a result of the meds I was taking.

I went into hospital twice in the last few weeks due to this cramping/muscle spasms completely down my right side. Leaving me unable to walk/do anything. They done blood tests then which all came back ok. I am also taking cod liver tablets too. It’s just this complete cramping/spazums down my right side causes my hands to go a funny way and my toes. Can feel like a fuzzing in my right eye when it happens to. I just don’t know what else to do! It’s happening throughout the day and night. I spoke to my nurse who said it could be happening due to starting Plegridy injections nearly 2 weeks ago which has irritated old damage I had in 2019… although I’m not overly convinced and extremely worried and anxious about it. Wish I could find someone who’s had this or knows what I can do !

I have just seen the MS physio about this. Though my problem is far milder than yours I feel physio manipulation, and targeted exercises help hugely. Also, I know it sounds daft, and I know it’s hard but the less anxious you are the better your recovery. Meditation or clinical hypnosis might help? Good luck, it will get better.

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