Leg pain at night

During the day my legs are pretty much fine, the odd twinge or burning sensation , but when I lay down at night my feet are agony like there being burnt also sometimes in my lower legs , can’t understand why only happening when I lie down. Any help please Hope your all well ( as well as can be expected anyway ) Gray

Hi I was the same post relapse, I have been on amitriptyline and all settled now to the point im going to reduce the medication. This really helped and was always at night I think its pretty common. Zoe

Thanks Zoe Bloody relapse into 14 weeks now Pain killers ahoy Gray

Yes, Amitriptyline helps with leg pain at night - so does taking magnesium - which is recommended for us pwms to take alongside our vitd3. Just google vitamin d3 magnesium ms.

Hi Gray

My feet burn at night. I also take amitriptyline. I keep a hot water bottle in the fridge so I can stick my feet on it when they are burning. I have to be careful in winter though as I am now prone to chill blains. My feet are obviously nowhere as hot as they feel!

Tracey x

Thanks will give it a try Weird tho , if I stand up and walk around it stops Gray

Yes, mine only burn when I’m resting, either sitting with feet up on foot stool watching TV or lying in bed! No rest for the wicked lol!


Think my wife is enjoying it , I’m constantly tidying,laundry etc because easier when moving lol When I shake this flare I’m just going to sit in the garden and drink wine

Oh, I find wine helps during a relapse too as long as it doesn’t interact too much with any meds I’m on. My balance definitely improves with wine. I can also walk better in high-ish heels [although that is something you probably don’t have to worry about? :wink: ]

Enjoy the sun - free vitamin D!