severe leg pain at night

hi i was diagnosed in march this year, after i started my medication Amitriptyline and extavia injections it took a few weeks for my symptoms to get easier to live with and every thing was alot better but in the last few weeks i have had severe leg pain at night or when i am sitting down for a while, it’s gotten so bad at night i have started taking cocodamol as well before i go to bed. The pain is so bad it actually wakes me up it’s like my feet are on fire and the rest of my legs are painfull like cramps. i have an appointment with my MS nurse next week so i will ask her what i can do about it. strangely if i am walking about i have a lot less pain

hi billy

you need neuropathc painkillers for nerve pain. ask your ms nurse.

are you having physiotherapy?

would a massage help?

good luck

carole xx

hi thanks for your reply i will ask the MS nurse when i see her, i have been recieving physio due to my poor ballance but the pain seems a lot worse when it is hot outside.

my wife has tried giving me a massage when it at it’s worst but it doesn’t help,