Nerve Pain

Hello, my partner was diagnosed with PPMS seven years ago in his forties. First symptom was problem with ankle that developed into foot drop and now he is also unable to use his hand on the same side. Over the years he has deteriorated as he is not very mobile and balance is terrible. He is also very depressed (which he will not seek help for). However, getting to my actual point, he has pain in his feet all the time that the Ms nurse believes is nerve pain due to his Ms. He is finding it very difficult to cope with especially when he goes to bed as he says they feel like they are burning. He has tried amitryptiline and another medication (I think it might be gabapentin) but these did not work. I was wondering if anyone else has severe nerve pain and whether you have found a way of reducing it. THANK YOU.

I don’t know whether or not it would be right for your partner, but I was unable to continue with an antidepressant medication due to interactions last year with nerve pain meds. My MS nurse suggested |Duloxetine which is used for nerve pain but has the added benefit of helping with mood as well.

If he is also depressed, maybe this could be something that could help? It’s proven great for my mood, and reasonably effective for nerve pain for me x

Thanks very much for your reply Minnie Mouse, we will look in to that.

Maybe pregabalin will help. I take amitriptyline for nerve pain in my legs and bum cheeks…which works really well.

I am about to go on pregabalin for heel pain.


Try pillows under feet, under knees - in fact experiment with pillows.

the bed looks like a full on battle ground but if it stops my burning feet from hurting (I have MS and burning feet) then the bedroom remains a war zone!

I have a sore back and it keeps me awake, I have acquired a pot of hemp cream although I find it difficult to apply, hoping that once I find a way to apply it, it will turn out to be that elusive magic bullet! (yeah right!)

good luck

Hi Esjay, I suffer with nerve pain and it’s worse at night when trying to get to sleep.
Im on pregabalin and 10mg of amitriptyline. The consultant has just increased it to 20mg

but I haven’t started to take it yet as problems with GP prescribing more, when that’s sorted will give it a go!

I agree with Carole about pillows under knees or wherever required. Once asleep I’m okay!

A few years ago I tried gabapentin but preferred pregabalin, so went back to it.

It is a bit of a juggling act with medication etc.

Hope you find what works for your partner, good luck

Kim x

Hi there, just want to say thanks to all who have replied. Having other people’s ideas and experiences helps alot.

How are things going Esjay? Has your husband been able to try any new meds?

Hi minnie_mouse1, sorry for the delay and thanks for the follow up. I am afraid not alot has changed. I told him about the useful advice you and others gave and he said he would speak to his MS nurse about other medication including the duloxetine. However, in the meantime, he decided to try amitriptyline again as he had got some left from last time. After taking this for a week he could hardly move at all and was struggling to use his arms. He obviously stopped using these and is now very despondent again and refuses to speak to his MS nurse (he does not think she has helped very much on previous occasions) He is temporarily using ibuprofen and codeine to take the edge off the pain when he goes to bed. He is very stubborn but I am hoping he will speak to his MS nurse eventually. Thanks again and I hope you are coping well.

My girlfriend was given Carbamazapine for her nerve pain.

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Hi Mick, I will mention that to my Partner as I don’t think we have come across that medication. He has given up on his MS nurse abit as she only mentions the meds he has already tried and do not work for him, but hopefully he will ask her about this. Thanks very much.

It’s an anti epileptic med that slows down the nerve firings. Ask about Baclofen as well, if he’s having spasms.

He doesn’t too badly with spasms, but thanks again.