new symptom??

hi all

been getting really sore legs..(neuro pain) since saturday so i called ms nurse yesterday and she's assured me it's not a relapse but this is the worst i think it has hit me since first episode sept 2010 and dx march this year thing is i would like to know does anyone else suffer pain in both legs..i'm taking max pregabalin,amitriptyline,baclofen and tramadol but still really sore legsletdown

any advice is very welcome...pain driving me up the wall just now



Morning Baz, I get nerve pain in my legs, more so the right, 24/7, it did come and go but not anymore, I take Gabepentine, Baclofen, but to be honest I don't think there really working anymore, and because of the weight gain issues I don't want to take pregabalin, I've also tried lidocaine plaster to numb the pain, but because my skin is also sensitive I can't wear these, OH JOY, I really feel for you because there's just NO getting away from it, like most things with this condition, take care, Jean 

Hi Baz, so did your MS nurse not offer you anything else, ie where to go, what else to try. She may not think it is an MS symptom, but that doesn`t make you feel any better, eh?

I think you are already on the meds I might have suggested you try.

But what about botox or acupuncture? I can`t come up with anything else I`m afraid.

Pain clinic waiting lists may be too long for you to deal with severe pain you have NOW.

What about placing cold compresses on your legs? If that`s no help, maybe the opposite.heat pads will help.

I dunno. i`m clutching at straws for you. Constant pain is so tiring, I know.

I hope another replier can help.

luv Pollx

Hi Baz,

I get terrible pain in both my legs and am on similar meds to you. What dose of pregabalin are you on? I find placing hot water bottles on my legs helps a bit or heat pads. I know how you feel sometimes I feel I am going mad with the pain. The only thing I was thinking that sometimes its a sign of a urinary tract infection for me but on the whole nothing triggers it. I hope it goes soon. Take care.Anita

Hi Bz,

I have neuro pain in both legs all the time, am now wearing support tights and find they do help to a degree. My neuro put me on Tegretol but it played my eyes up, they were so painful I prefered the neuro pain. But of course different drugs react differently on people. Hope you can find something that eases your pain.

Take care.



Sorry should have been Hi Baz.



hi all and thanks for replies

i'm waiting for an appt to go for a lignocaine(think thats how it's spelt)infusion and i did call nurse again to ask if anything could be done just now but she asked me to try and wait until appt is done...had the same thing 8 weeks ago and didn't think it was that good til it wore of and all the old aches and pains returned but the pain in both legs is a new one for me so here's hoping i get appt through soon.....also waiting for an appt for accupuncture to see if that works but been waiting a while for that one now..

thanks again


ps anita i'm on 600mg of pregabalin a day,400mg tramadol,50mg amitriptyline and 40mg baclofen