Painful bum/thigh

Hi. Just wondered if anyone else had this problem. Its really starting to get me down. I have Secondary progressive MS and I’m in a wheelchair now. The past week or so I have such pain in my bottom/top of the inside of my thighs. One day it could be in the right side, the next day in the left. Its not particulary red, but use cream anyway. Don’t think its the start of a sore. Wondered if it could be neuropathic pain. It kinda feels like saddle sore! It just gnaws away like a tooth ache. Anyone else experience this, or am I on my own with this weird, horrible feeling?!

Hello Kas

I can’t say I’ve experienced anything like you’ve described.

However, I would certainly get someone professional to take a look. You’ve said you don’t think it’s a sore, but just in case, it’s better to get it looked at.

Otherwise, talk to your MS nurse, GP or neurologist about neuropathic pain drugs. It sounds like the type of pain that just grinds away at you.


Thanks Sue. Yes, I will get it looked at. Its like a burning pins and needles. Even lying on my side doesn’t help. Another little nugget of MS i guess!


hi kas

i have had that pain in the bum too.

everybody i told said it must be my husband except he gets called pain in the arse.

a trainer at the gym (they have had some training for neuro patients) told me to do a yoga pose called twisted crocodile.

it works!

Hi Kas

I also have SPMS and use a wheelchair.

I get a sharp pain on only one heel of one leg when in contact with sheet in bed as my legs are restless and rub on sheet. My neurologist says is neuropathic pain so I take Amitriptyline to combat it seems to work at present.

Any soreness get checked out by a professional. Just having this ms condition is a pain in the a***!

I’ll look into that, although I think I’ll be asking a lot from myself to do any yoga! Hey I’ll give anything a try!


I also get that. I have to wake my husband up and get him to rub my heel! Poor man.

I will get it checked though as it’s been constant for several days now.


My hubby’s banished into the east wing !

Incidently, I have a REPOSE CUSHION which is inflated by a hand pump. Costly, but affective for taking pressure off posterior.

Recommended by district nurse.

Take care

Thanks so much for letting me know about the Repose cushion. I have ordered one today. Yeah, costly, but worth every penny if it helps!


Me too. It bloody hurts and I don’t think it’s neuropathic. Given that I already take Amitriptyline, and still get heel pain when that foot is flat on the sheet, it can’t be.

I have a small cushion that I put under my ankle so that heel doesn’t touch the sheet! It doesn’t hurt then.


Hi, I have had a painful bum cheek for many years. I have had pressure mattresses, creams and been seen at the Pain Management Clinic but nothing helps. I have been told it’s my MS nerve endings. The only way to help me get to sleep is to put an ice pack under my bum cheek, this seems to numb the area long enough for me to full asleep. The ice pack is only chilled in the fridge not freezer. Hope this helps you.