In mega pain

Hi all,been a long time,pleased to say i got my license back for 3 years so mobile again.The problem is for the past few months ive been waking up with a pain in the bum literally and it carries on down my left leg,it would ease after taking my med’s until just over a week ago.Now i’m in constant agony,been to dr’s he say’s it’s not MS related i don’t know,i can’t walk,sit or lay down without being in mega pain and the left leg is twitching like mad.Could this be the progression of this horrible disease,does anyone else suffer with similar symptoms?.At a low ebb and being on sick doesn’t help,the pain has got me sobbing at times,feel as though i should be hospitalised ,thanks Mel

Pain in the bum that travels down the leg - is usually a sign of sciatica. So not ms related. We mustn’t blame it for everything. A good physio might help with exercises/stretches etc to help.

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I agree with SJ, sounds very much like sciatica, which in itself can be extremely painful, but do not know what medication helps, sorry…

Can the gp not give you anything to help? Just because he thinks it is not ms related, should not mean he offers new help.

Hope it eases for you, take care.

Pam x

I know sciatica can be extremely painful have you tried heat then cold applied I used to do hot water bottle then frozen peas. Helped me.


I know sciatica can be extremely painful have you tried heat then cold applied I used to do hot water bottle then frozen peas. Helped me.


Sciatica is usually treated with physio but you need something to ease the pain too. They usually prescribe Paracetamol and Codeine. You can buy it over the counter as CoCodamol but it’s a smaller dose of codeine in it, they usually prescribe up to 60mg four times a day when it’s severe as I used to get it, but my daughter suffers now and that’s what she’s given (she’s only 17) and although it makes her dopey for a while it eases off so she can move around which you need to do to allow whatever’s pinching the sciatic nerve to let go.

Don’t know if that makes sense, I’m tired now, sorry. Hope you get sorted, please see the gp, it’s not ms causing it.

Cath x

i feel your pain and as the guys say it is sciatica, had it last year it is very painful, ironically went on holiday last month to a flat in portugal with the hardest beds, had times when i didn’t sleep but when i came home the sciatica has vanished. My friend who is a retired physio said that could have done the trick, look up sciatica in google the exercises are good

also a hot water bottle at the base of your spine

Hello, thanks to everyone as always your replies have helped no end. I’ve been to the doctors and got prescribed codeine and paracetamol along with muscle relaxants. They’re having no effect at all though, I can feel the nerve that’s playing up, it’s weird. Mel

The painkillers will relax the muscles which will relieve the pressure on the nerve, just take them regularly for a few days and try a hot water bottle on your lower back, this will also help the muscle spam. They do work given time, my daughter’s crippled with sciatica too at the moment, it’s awful seeing her suffering.

Hope it eases up soon.

Cath xx

Hi to you all,hope i find you as well as you can be.Well it’s 3 months now,still suffering and still on sick,awaiting the results of an mri scan which i had on the 29th of last month,my physio is thinkng about discharging me back to my doctors until they’ve got the results,so it’s a waiting game again.Beggining to wonder if this is the end of my working days,i’m too young to retire as such at 52,but could be forced through ill health grounds suppose its up to the people in the HR department.Feeling pretty down and out again :frowning: .starting to think my MS is starting to get a grip on me,not nice at all. Take care and i will let you know when i get my results

I was really upset when I had to retire at 42 but you’ll find things to keep you occupied and if the time for retirement is right you’ll come to realise that you really couldn’t manage what was expected of you. It isn’t the end of the world.

Take care.

Cath x


it sounds like sciatica, i had it last year and if i had a penny for everyone that said ‘oh it is painful’ i would be a millionaire now, ironically how i got rid of it was sleeping on a really hard bed went on holiday and the beds were really hard, but when i came back home the sciatica had gone, have you also tried swimming even walking in the pool helps,


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Hi Snoopy, sorry to hear things have been so difficult.

It’s hard giving up work… but once the momentous decision has been made it can actually be a huge relief. I don’t think it’s the same when you’re off work sick because mentally you are still working… just not there. When you finally do actually leave it feels as if you’ve been pushing yourself for so long and finally you can relax.

And strangely I have never felt bored!

When you think about it, loads of people retire in their 50’s. Not that unusual for people with money!

Take care and hope things get resolved soon.

Pat xx