Leg Pains & Feeling.

Hi All, as you know i am undiagnosed. I have mentioned in another post about my leg pain etc. I’ve had enough of it. I get pain all in both my legs, bum cheeks, all in my thighs front and back, my right leg is worse, down to my ankle and even in my feet. I can pin prick feelings in them, occasionally tingling, burning, muscles fluttering, buzzes etc. I went to bed last night and my legs felt ok, then this morning, i feel like i’ve done a whole work out and they are just aching, feels like the muscles are aching. The only pain relief i have is codiene i have taken 2 just now. When i have the pain in my hips and bum if i push down to the bone it’s even sore to touch. I told my neuro about this and he said sciatica it can take 18 months to go, but i honestly don’t believe that. I’ve had sciatica before and nothing like this. My walking isn’t affected which i suppose is a good sign. If this is ms stuff does anyone know what the likely cause is? Would it be spinal lesions? I hate to think that this is progressing without even a diagnosis yet. Then im thinking because it’s my legs am i going to be an ideal candidate so to speak for walking problems, walking aids and wheelchairs, im freaking out.

Something MS that affects both legs means a spinal lesion. Spinal lesions do not necessarily mean mobility problems though - there are no certainties with MS! Why won’t your GP let you try a neuropathic painkiller? Codeine is useless. Karen x

I went to another doctor who isn’t my normal one & he gave me gabentin but my doctor found out I had been given this & disagreed with him so I stopped taking them. If I potentially have a spinal lesion given all my symptoms & other symptoms should I not be diagnosed by now? Or do I have to wait for another full blown attack? When I last saw my neuro in sept he brushed the leg pain off? Thanks Karen x

Because you are posting anonymously, I don’t know anything about your other symptoms etc - all anons are effectively the same!

Diagnosing MS depends on someone having at least two attacks and damage in at least two areas of the central nervous system. If you don’t meet those criteria, they can’t diagnose you.

There are also literally hundreds of neurological conditions that cause similar symptoms - only when the neuro can piece together test results, clinical exam results and symptoms / history will they know what’s going on. Until then, I’m afraid it’s a waiting game.

I think you need to have your GPs agree what med is appropriate. As I’ve already said, codeine isn’t! Not when you are experiencing neuropathic symptoms.


Hi Karen, I’m the one who posted in the 23rd of nov titled scared and depressed. The one where my right hand didn’t work!

Hi Karen, I’m the one who posted in the 23rd of nov titled scared and depressed. The one where my right hand didn’t work!