Newby here... Any advice greatly appreciated :-)

Overall, is pain better than no pain - pain being that your nerves aren’t completely shot?! Hi all, I’m new here, going through testing & scans etc been told possibly MS, my symptoms all match up & most other causes with the same symptoms have been ruled out. I’m just wondering, as I’ve had numbness & tingling for 6 weeks + now & it’s gone from neck pain to no neck pain but went straight onto my left arm then into my left leg within days of each other, following on with balance isdues, tiredness & loss of sensation on most of my leg arm & leg ie: cant feel the needle test nowhere near as much as my right side & feeling hot & cold temperatures of water is way off! Weeks down the line (about week 5, not that many but feels like Forever!) it started tingling in my right leg & arm, is this normal for MS to radiate around the body, so quickly? Now today I have done nothing but sit with my legs rested as ordered by the neurologist & I now have pains in both feet with like a vibrating sensation. I know nothing is normal as such with MS (I’ve done a lot of reading up since being warned it could be) but does it sound similar or like the path MS would take? Or could it be something else entirely…?! Hope this all makes sense, a bit fuzzy as I’ve just woken up, again! P.s I had an episode of illness last year which was side pain, like squeezing feeling that radiated from my left side around to back & up to my ribs, now wondering if this was the famous “hug” all tests came back negative ie: bloods, scans, also which was strange whenever the gp would examine me & pressed the area it didn’t hurt at all which astonished him & myself, is this “normal” for the hug? That continued for weeks then I had severe constipation after that issue was dealt with the pain still lingered on until mid jan then just simply disappeared! Had a few UTI’s since too which isn’t normal for me. Any advice given will be Greatly appreciated. Stacey