Aching legs

Hi all,

I am currently waiting to see a neurologist, MS is one of the things that has been mentioned as a possible diagnosis for me.

I have seen a lot about pain/ aching legs but none that really answer my question.

Basically, what I am wondering is, does anyone have more trouble with aching legs when they are sat down as opposed to walking. I find that my lower legs can be very achy and tingly when I am sat or laying down, even if it’s just for a very short time, but if I go for a walk it eases of during that time.

I have read a lot about people not being able to walk far but not much about this so was just wondering.

Thanks in advance for reading and any insight people can offer


Hi Flaran,

I havent been diagnosed either yet but MS has been mentioned to me too. I seem to have constantly tingling legs when I am resting, they are doing it now, sometimes it goes as far as my pelvis area but its mostly below the knee. I dont notice it when Im out and about. My knees have ached for as long as I can remember and feel weak, almost like I cant straighten them properly as the feeling kind of makes me cringe. Its a really odd feeling that I never went to the doctors with as I just cant explain how it feels.

This group is lovely and Im sure you will some better answers from other members.

Take care


Thanks for your reply

I feel that weakness too, I feel like my legs might just get so tired they will give way and I’ll drop on the floor. I don’t know if I actually would but it feels so intense at times.

I started off with the the odd aching pain here and there a few years back, then didn’t have anything for ages but for the last 5 months it’s been almost relentless although I’ve had some better times than others.

so many other strange sensations too.

Yes Im the same, so many wierd things going on.

I think Im a bit further on than you, Ive seen the Neurologist and I got the impression my balance and reflex tests were ok. Ive had 2 MRI’s, the first for something totally unrelated, the results are what brought me here. Ive since had another and am currently waiting for the results.

I suffer from achy hips, lower back pain, both I put down to being a horse rider and weak upper body strength that I cant explain.

There are so many different symptoms for MS that you may find a few people have the same symptoms as you. I have been told that I don’t have MS but I do have some weakness in my arms and has given me an appointment with the neurologist next year.


I have similar problems with my legs and feet. I can feel fine and then I sit down and my feet throb or tingle and my calves feel enormous (even though they aren’t) I’ve got to the stage now where I even have trouble with them when I’m standing or walking. I’ve seen a neurologist and have normal NCS and EMG results. I had an MRI on my spine which was normal and am currently waiting for the results of an MRI on my brain.

Donna x

Mine is similar I have what seem like fine legs when I stand up for like two minutes then my legs start to get progressively weaker and after about five minutes I don’t have the strength to lift them.i them have to sit down Before I fall down. Then I get burning shooting pain in both of my legs and lower back.

It’s just awful.

sitting can cause spasms and muscle fatigue and that is why you get aching and tingling legs. I have PPMS and sitting is a nightmare as it triggers spasms and charlie horses and tingling, so i tend to recline.

Thanks for everyone’s replies.

It’s horrible that people are going through this but it’s some comfort that I’m probably not imagining it, I sometimes worry that I am or question if I’m blowing everything out of proportion :frowning: