hi got many symptoms and just wanted to ask with my left leg all tingly.after sitting then getting up and go to walk my legs just feel as they go all straight and i have to stand for a few seconds before walking

has anyone else had this thanks

lucy x

yes this happens to me, especially if I have been sitting for more than 20mins, when I get our of a car, my legs become wooden and stiff. I am not dx.

Happens to me also. My leg is constantly numb especially around the hip area and gets sore and stiff when I’m sitting too long in work. I just get up and move around at regular intervals. It doesn’t bother me in the mornings after sleeping so it must be just a sitting position that does it.

I was diagnosed with MS. The numbness in my leg was my very first symptom which went away and came back recently. Am hopeful it will go again.

hi lucy, yes i too get this. especially when i’m tired i get an odd numb feeling going down legs into feet. my legs seem very heavy and also get the occasional buzz/electric shock going down them too.

I find it worse after i get up so need to take a while to stand, but also after i’ve been stood/walked for a while. i’m currently not dx and not taking any medication as gp won’t until i’m dx. hope this helps so you don’t feel alone x

Hi, sounds like it may be spasticity (stiffness). I take baclofen for this and it does help.

You need to go to GP and ask about it. Are you currently seeing a neuro?

luv Pollx

hi all thanks for all the replys im happy its not just me then thought my legs were just been silly lol but this has been happening for a couple weeks now

poll yes im under neuro doc made me urgent referal back to neuro as symptoms getting really bad , i see them on wed coming, also an ms nurse will be there

lucy x