Legs etc

Hello all, for those that remember me hello again. I hope everyone is coping ok.

I have a question about my aching legs. No diagnosis so keep hoping it’s something else but…what does this sound like?

Front of left thight numb most of the time. Toe both feet tingling most of the time. Heels esp left heel numb all the time. And now, I find it really hard to get my legs going in the mornings. This is what I’d like to know about. First thing it’s painful to put weight on my feet and my legs are leaden it eases as the day goes on. Could this be an MS symptom or am I just as unfit as ever? Any tips?

Thanks all.

Lucy x

Hi Lucy :slight_smile:

I was reading about something the other day which had stiffness that didn’t wear off quickly as a key symptom. Unfortunately I can’t remember what it was :frowning: Eureka! I remembered! Hypothyroidism. Could this be a possibility?

I think I’d go and see my GP if I were you. I can’t believe that being unfit would cause all you mention and, if it’s been a while since you’ve seen someone, maybe it’s time you were assessed again?

Karen x


I would certainly mention this to a GP, from past experience of slipped discs, this sounds very familiar. Do you have any back pain? if so, Maybe try and get an MRI of lower back just to rule it out. X

Thank you both. Doc has been hinting about sending me back to the neuro but I’ve been holding off as I didn’t think there’s going to be any breakthrough and, for me, not knowing is ok. Thanks anon, I had MRIs of every bit of my spine (including lumbar) last year so hopefully that will still cover me. I’ll see if I can get some bloods done. Thanks Rizzo x Happy Easter all. Lucy x