Ms pain in legs bum and hip - help!

Hi, I was dx three years ago now and after initial visits to neuro I have tried to cope on my own. I have done ok but the fatigue is still huge and have had some mild incontenece issues. By mild I mean I have had some accidents but not all the time. Have been able to put up with the numbness in my feet but lately I have been hung a horrible pain in my left hip and also down my thighs and sometimes in the buttocks. When I sit down or kneel the pain in my hip is horrible and I feel it for a few minutes after I try to stand up. I am starting to struggle! I am on a amiltriptilyne which was for the tingling and itchy snesation( this is after I scratched welts into my skin and bruised my leg badly by rubbing at it) - I felt the itchiness but didn’t feel the skin bruising or the scratches until 24 hours later! I think I many be having a relapse but not sure. I don’t want to waste the consultants time as I get the feeling he thought I was a hyperchondriac as I brought up lots of different things with him on y visits. Is this a relapse? If so ŵhats should I do? Is there anything I can do to help myself improve my symptoms?

It seems many people on here suffer with similar symptoms, there’s another post on the next page regarding this

Pain in legs was so bad last night. Just wonder if anyone has found a treatment that helps. I am on Amitryptaline but it’s not really helping at all.


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have you got a neurological physiotherapist?

i saw one at our ms therapy centre because my buttocks were driving me mad.

she showed me a yoga move which really helped.

it was one i’d done many times in the days when i went to a yoga class.

if interested it is called Crocodile Twist.

I was prescribed Carbamazapine for nerve pain which is a burning down my legs and a crawling feeling in my arms and back. It has worked well and I rarely get nerve pain now.

I would visit your GP. I am also suffering with hip pain, but it’s due to osteoarthritis. I’m having a steroid injection in September, which will help with my pain (it worked last time, 3 years ago)! Sharon x