Hi everyone. Does anyone else get pain in their hips with their MS or is that likely to be a completely seperate problem? Kaz xxx

I get really bad hip pain as well as just about everywhere else. (sorry don’t mean to sound like I am moaning)

I did ask my MS nurse some time ago if it was possible that there was another cause for all of this pain and she had me see a physio to check it out and he could not find another reason for it.

Obviously that may not be the case with you so you should mention it to someone.


Thank you Jaycie. I get quite a lot of leg and arm pain too, but the hip pain has been a lot worse since my last relapse. There seems to be so many varied and random MS symptoms its difficult to know what’d connected and what isn’t! Kaz xxx

Hi Kaz

I find morphine helps with the pain in my hip.


Thank you Graham :slight_smile: I will keep that in mind. I’m using codeine at the moment, but if it gets any worse may have to rethink. Kaz x

Hi Kaz

I get hip pain too.

I mentioned it to my physio and she said that because my legs feel heavy and painful I am overusing my hips to move rather than the legs. If you know what I mean. I suppose that makes sense.

Take care.

Shazzie xx

Hi Kaz

Compared to many with MS, I feel very lucky indeed. I’ve had my first Alemtuzumab (Campath) treatment and have returned to my endurance training; albeit with a few modifications.

All this said, I am still left with very annoying and frustrating intermittent pain in my left hip and left quadriceps ( large muscle group at the front of the thigh). If that’s not enough, my left arm and shoulder also decide to join in.

This has all only developed since my mega relapse in June 2013.

MS seems only to have targeted my muscles and Secondary Dystonia is my overriding MS symptom.

Oh well, it could be worse.

So,… you’re not alone.

Tracyann xx

Hi Shazzie :slight_smile: I wondered if it might be something like that. I’ve already developed osteoarthritis in my left knee which I think is because it has a tendency to give way and that is generally my weaker leg. Might see if I can get a pelvic X-Ray to see if there’s any damage there too. Thank you! Kaz xxx

Hi Tracyann :slight_smile: Fantastic that you’re back to training again. Must be so frustrating to have so much muscle pain. The breadth of MS symptoms never ceases to amaze me, but I find pain is not refererred to on information sites very much, with the concentration seeming to be on weakness, parasthesia etc. It does become very difficult to differentiate between what is an MS symptom and what is not! Kaz xxx