Chronic hip pain

I was diagnosed with benign MS in 2002 which until 2008 was nicely kept under control with Lyrica. I then started to experience hip/leg pain. I went under so many investigations ie it was bursitis no it was my MS, I needed a hip replacement not it was my MS, and so it went on. The up shot is I still have such bad pain no one seems to be able be treat the pain but try to treat the symptoms such as physio which I can’t do because I am in such pain. This is just a general o review, I could write a book! Can anyone out there relate to what I am saying and better still do they have pain relief that works? AB

i too have really bad hip pain but have not been diagnosed with ms. i take tramadol slow release and lyrica 3 x daily, helps but not entirely pain free

hope this helps


I have been having chronic hip pain for the last year, have you had anything given to you to sort this? if so please let me know.

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I have hip/leg pain from two sources. The first is trochanteric bursitis, diagnosed some years ago. This responds to ibuprofen. The other source of pain is undiagnosed, but it affects the way I walk - or perhaps the way I walk causes the pain. This doesn’t respond to ibuprofen, so I take co-codamol. Sometimes the low strength OTC tablets work, sometimes I need high strength tablets prescribed by my GP.

I have intermittent hip pain. When it’s bad it’s really bad.

I also have osteoarthritis so my MS nurse usually says the pain is caused by that. My GP is a former hospital Rheumatologist, he says it’s not. Neither seems willing to concede or actually arrange any tests to diagnose what the actual cause it.

So I tend to put it down to neurological pain and pop another gabapentin and 2 paracetemol and it eases off for 20 minutes.

i have intermittent hip pain also, today i’m fine but yesterday was agony.

I take 27g of gabapentin a day for the past two years, I was diagnosed at the age of 17 and I’m only 19

Has you been able to find out if it’s linked to MS? Are there any other medications that con reduce the pain?

Are you walking awkwardly due to your MS? I had bursitis, probably due to that, but the underlying cause is the bad walking caused by MS. I’ve got an FES now, and that has reduced the strain on my hip, and so reduced the pain. Worth considering as an option if you even think that’s the cause - treat the cause not the symptom and all that.


I have almost constant hip pain and have done for several years now. I was checked out by a rheumatologist as I was not sure that all of this pain in hips, waist and limb’s was down to the MS, but apparently it is ( in my case anyway )


Due to my MS i can’t walk in a straight line, always said they think it’s sciatica, what is FES?

Functional electronic stimulation - these are the people who make most of the available FES in the UK:

They are an NHS company, which was a definite plus when it came to asking my GP for a referral (or ask your MS nurse, but it’s probably a good idea to tell your GP as well if you do, as the GP practice are possibly the people who will fund it via your CCG. My GP hadn’t heard of them before, I took an Odstock “medical professional” brochure to the appointment so they would know what I was asking for)

It isn’t appropriate for everyone, but you’ll be assessed by an FES physio first and get a go with one, so no harm in asking if you’re interested, it doesn’t commit you to anything

Jo x

Blasted hip pain, I gave up last night and went to sleep on the sunlounger in the garden propped up with many cushions. No sleep, just a beautiful night, stars and blasted hip pain. Then this morning, it has gone!

I am assured by my nurse that the Gabapentin helps keep all my symptoms including this one, at bay. I have had physio and all sorts of other stuff but they have concluded that it is ‘just there now’. So, I keep taking that and up my painkillers when it gets worse. Yesterday I was like a three legged donkey, this morning it is ok, go figure!!

I have started doing even more exercises at night time whislt watching the tele. My friend who is in her 70s taught me to sit, writing each letter of the alphabet out with each foot, for as long as a person can do this. I’m sure it has helped with the whole balance and flexibility of my leg and eased the pressure on my hip. I have also started to try to relax and tense the whole of my leg including but, whether in, out, up the town, having a drink somewhere, sitting in the car, all possible times. Its got to be worth a go! The hip pain is here to stay (add that one to the list).

I have been told by my neurologist that the clicking noise i get when i bend, from my hip, is because i have fluid built up inside and they have suggested draining it but doing a nursing degree it’s not that easy as most of the time i’m on placement!

I used to hear clicking as I walked up stairs, although I was never sure which part of me was responsible. It disappeared as suddenly as it started, so it’s possible that yours will self-heal, Nikki. Give it time.