Hip pain

Hi, have hip pain every day and trying to work out cause, anything that would relieve it and would really like to hear if ur had similar experiences. Was diagnosed in 2016 but had most serious relapses in past year which have left me barely walking with crutch. Have had restless legs and spasms in legs most of this time. Had been taking naproxen for frozen shoulder and seemed to help hip and leg spasms some but have stopped taking it as worried about gettin stomach ulcer after taking it for a year. Was taking tramadol too but have got off that now as was getting addicted. Started tysabri in may which I seem to be ok on, at least not any worse but hips now aching all day everyday, been rereading side effect list and includes joint pain, round my shoulders and neck ends up aching when sitting up too long as well. Sorry for long explanation, tired of experimenting on myself but maybe should start naproxen again as it takes edge off pain, maybe it’s the tysabri? Any similar experiences? Thanks

You could do worse than try magnesium for spasm and restless legs, as it can certainly ease the problem.

A decent physio will be able to check your gait and advise a programme of exercises that can help correct the hip problem.

Hi my ms diagnosis all began with low vit D and hip pain and could barely walk for months,cut a long story short I am on Ocrevus.

My hip pain is so so much better which I believe is down to core exercises and yoga (for beginners).I try to do 30 mins 4-5 times a week .And although was told voltarol cream would not help it does me.Like you I used naproxen for some time until I suffered with an ulcer.I now will only use it if I have to and thankfully I dont have to .

I also take vit D daily

Hope you feel better soon

I had hip pain for years. It was initially diagnosed as trochanteric bursitis in 2005, and I always mentioned that diagnosis whenever I had to refer to the pain. Over the years the pain got worse until I was being prescribed naproxen. Earlier this year a neuro-physiotherapist told me that I shouldn’t still have bursitis 13 years after the diagnosis. She referred me to a physiotherapist who told me that the problem was that the muscles in my left hip and thigh are weaker than the ones in my right. He gave me some exercises to do to help strengthen those muscles. I’m not completely pain free, but I don’t have to take strong painkillers any more.

Ask for a referral to a physiotherapist. There may be some exercises that can help you with your hip pain.

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Thanks for the comments. Should have said been doing physio, Pilates and swimming for last 3 maybe. Have got somewhere in some things but hips not making much difference to hips, swimming prob best as might relieve it for an hour but very tiring when so much fatigue. Actually shouldn’t beat myself up so much because may be would’ve seized up completely without all the exercises. Kerste, thanks for telling me about the ulcer, hope ur ok now, won’t going back on naproxen having read that, it’s so difficult to know what side effects to worry about with each drug As there’s way too many to worry about them all. Thanks for all the ideas.

Hip pain is miserable. I had it years back with a slipped disc.

I have had it very occasionally now mainly down to poor posture when walking. I use a heat pad, and tiger balm for me two magic things that seem to cure most pains. Yes magnesium is good too.

trouble is over working the hip can make it worse. Have you considered a chiropractor? My daughter had awful hip pain. she is in her forties her pelvis was out of alignment. She went for treatment and is now hip pain free. she is riding her horse again too.

It was for her a miracle. she doesnt have MS. Fibro.