I have not posted in a while due to very busy times with uni, work, family etc. I was diagnosed with RRMS March last year and began Tysabri around May/June. I have since developed quite a few infections and felt quite awful on many days - although nothing I would consider a relapse rather flares or the damage from previous relapses.

I have been experiencing pain which my physiotherapist thought could be pain sensitivity. It does not take a lot for my body to ache. Even if I am just holding something for a while like shopping bags etc I can end up in so much pain. I do my best to pace myself but my part-time uni course and job mean I do have things to do - which I need for my well-being as they have always been so integral to me. However I am really struggling with this pain, I take ibuprofen sometimes or regular doses of paracetamol. I try to use heat or cold to soothe if appropriate. I wonder if anyone else had any ideas or experiences? The pain is not all day every day but I find it quite limiting when it is there. It is generally my arms, legs and back that ache the most.

Many thanks for any thoughts!

Hi, do you have an MS nurse you could speak to about this pain?

It depends what type of pain it is, for a drug to be tried.

I take amitriptyline for nerve pain. Pregabalin is another effective pain killer.

Other replies may be able to help more.

I know how debilitating pain can be and how irritable it can make you too.

luv Polx


Thanks for your reply!

I am due to have a neuro app in a few weeks and hoping to see my MS nurse at my next infusion. I think beccause it’s pain sensitivty it may be more muscular rather than neuropathic - I;m not quite sure how you tell though!

Thanks again x

hi balloon

i take several neuropathic pan killers: baclofen, tizanidine, amitriptyline, pregabalin.

usually take them in the evening when i’m not likely to be driving because they make me drowsy.

i understand what you mean wondering how to tell if it is neuropathic pain or not.

i wonder if i’m starting with arthritis because my mum did at my age.

anyway the meds i take are helping somewhat.

carole x

ps. your gp can prescribe the meds i listed.

It is still surprising to me that what i am about to suggest is often quite frowned upon… but i am going to suggest it anyway, if only as a potential alternative:


I no longer have an inclination to discuss moral objections and points of legality on this subject.

I have researched the history and rationale for its prohibition and i welcome the growing appetite by which even the Americans are now welcoming it as a commodity for medicinal and recreational benefit.

I have seen first hand and personally, the benefits of its compounds and have witnessed none of the fearful consequences often touted by tabloid media. I hope it will one day become a widely accepted and mainstream therapy for consideration.

In the meantime, the very best of luck to you.

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