What can I try for pain pleeease....want to cry :-(

Hi, I was dx in August 2012 and have been experiencing a numb like pain in my arm and leg on and off. The last 24 hours have been hell because the pain has been there ALL the time and quite bad in the night too. Also yesterday I fell at work after tripping over nothing and have been scuffing my left foot rather a lot recently. (This couldn’t be a relapse could it?)

I tried to call my MS nurse but she is away until tomorrow, so called GP who said wait for MS nurse and not to do my martial arts tonight :frowning:

I have a box of tramadol at home that I never used after I injured my shoulder cos I was scared to (this was nothing to do with MS) - shall I try these tonight just to get through?

Really desperate.

Thanks in advance xx

Hi Amanda

Sorry I can’t help with the tramadol as I have never taken it.

I take amytriptyline for neuropathic pain, perhaps your gp could

give you a script for some. It can take a little while to get the

correct dose, but best to start on a low dose and gradually build



Pam x

Hi Pam, the GP told my MS nurse I cannot have amytriptaline because I already take Cipralex (escitalopram) for anxiety :frowning:


I have just started taking tramadol ( 2 weeks) and they do help with pain. They dont take it away completely but dull it a bit. the only warning I would give it that they can react with other drugs, so i would check online before taking any of them.

Em xx

I’m afraid tramadol probably won’t do very much for your pain other than space you out so you don’t care so much. (I’m assuming that it’s nerve/neuropathic pain.) It’s worth a try though, if you have nothing else. Do check on www.drugs.com about interactions with anything else you’re on: just put two names at a time into the search box (tramadol and X).

I hope your nurse is around tomorrow - keep calling, she/he is bound to be busy. If you can’t get through, try phoning the neuro’s secretary and asking if the neuro can advise re meds so you can tell your GP (who is a WIMP for not prescribing something already! Grr!).

Good luck.

Karen x

PS Try ice packs or heat pads - it might be enough to distract your brain at least a little.