im in pain, dont know what to do?

I have RR MS. I started feeling pain 3wks ago, thought i might have pulled a muscle in my neck, it got worse then went away. But its come back and i think its nerve pain not muscle pain in my neck and down my shoulder blade. But now its travelling down my arm and leg and its getting worse as I speak, starting to feel like burning. Should I take more amytriptyline? (Ive already taken my 25mg for the day), or should I ‘borrow’ my Husband’s diazapam 5mg (he had it for a sore back, but hardly used any, got some left). PS. think im in for the cold aswell. What to do???

Sorry your in pain. I was just coming on here for the same reasons. Im in so much pain in my feet and left leg and dont know what to do. Waiting for appointment for neuro and MRI but looks like its not going to happen for a few weeks yet.

Meds arent touching it, GP wont touch my meds. dont know what to do.

Do you have A MS nurse you can speak to. In the meantime you could try ringing th MS help line 08088008000 to ask their advice about taking your husbands Diazapam.

Hope you soon feel better

kim xx

It must be catching! My first symptom (about 9 years ago) was a heavy/numb left arm, and this flares up a lot. In the last week, both my left and now my right arm are so painful. Nothing touches the pain, and I don’t know what to do.

I hope you find an answer, take care


Have you got an ms nurse?

It would be a good idea to give her a call to discuss your medication. She may tell you to up the dose or…

Gabapentin and pregabalin are alternatives to amytriptyline.

No need to suffer with pain, you need some help with this.

Best wishes