update, in pain, so fed up

I posted on here about a week ago. I was saying that I felt like I had trapped a nerve in my neck, maybe pulled a muscle, not sure… had been feeling like it now for 4 weeks, following a Charity Event my Husband and I had organised (we raised £1,015 for the MS Society), anyway, I cant remember lifting anything heavy or hurting myself.

Thing is, its got worse… I had to phone NHS24 one day last week, a few days after that I went to see a locum GP who advised me to increase my amitriptyline from 25mg to 75mg. But, the next day, I couldnt stand the pain any longer and got an emergency appointment with my own GP. I was that sore that she wrote me a prescrip for Morphine (just until my body gets used to the increase in Amitriptyline).

At one point, in the space of a few hrs, I had taken 3lots of paracetamol (useless) and 3lots of ibuprofen, 125mg of amitriptyline, 25mg baclofen, 10mg of diazipam! In the early hours of this morning, I took 2 lots of morphine (10ml = 20mg in liquid form)! I know Id get into trouble for taking that much, but I was in agony. Paying for it today though, so nauseous!

The doc says its hard to know if its MS or not, but I feel that it just might be, rather than my original idea of a pulled muscle, cause it all came on gradually over the past 4 wks. Im in constant pain and I think its spasms, I just cant keep still (Its in my left arm/shoulder), also getting similar spasms and pain on the right side of the body.

Im def going to phone my MS Nurse tomorrow, but what do you think she will say/do??? Does this all mean my MS is getting worse???

Hi, wow…all that medication! It would knock a donkey out!

But seriously tho` hun, there must be something going on that your GP can help you with. maybe an x ray at the A&E, eh?

I can`t say if it is your MS, hun.

Dunno what MS nurse will say. But do impress on her how BAD this [pain is, despite lots of pain killing meds.

Do be careful about those doses, yeh?

Hope it improves very soon for you.

luv Polllx

I wonder if my MS nurse might suggest another MRI scan???

I figure Id try to not take as much painkillers tonight, the pain is there anyway, whats the point in taking extra that wont get rid of it!

I actually thought I might end up going to A and E myself with the amount I took last night.

AND… why do these things always present themselves, or get worse, AT THE BLOOMIN WEEKEND???

yeh, I know!

Hope you have some sleep tonite hun.

nite nite, I`m off to bed now.

I need to stretch out after sitting in my wheelie all day. Then my heels start complaining about pressure pains. I toss and turn all night and get bits of sleep in between.

Fun innit, all this rubbish!

luv Pollx