feeling overwelmed

I’ve done a lot of overtime at work over the last couple of weeks and have been feeling really rough since Thursday.

Exhausted, tearful as I feel like I can’t cope (this is not like me at all), the pain circling my ribs where my bra goes has been really bad.

I’ve had the shakes/twitches worse than normal which is making it hard to type and I’ve had this weird tension/dragging feeling in my hands and arms (I only usually get this in my legs), the crawling sensation has been especially agrevating as have the thigh/hip pains.

Now it’s hot too and doing anything physical is really really hard and tiring and I’ve got constant eye/faceache as well as the crushing pain in my ribs.

The tramadol/ibroprofine that usually helps isn’t really touching the pain and yesterday I took my amitriptyline without food as I felt so ill and it seems to help a bit and spent the evening being sick.

I just feel so overwelmed and like I can’t cope with life due to the symptoms at the moment, I only hope it cools done soon :frowning:

Is anyone else experiencing a worsening in symptoms atm due to the weather?

Hi Tabitha, Heat is really bad for lots of people with MS. Are you dx?

The pain around your bra area is probably ‘hug’. First thing you should do is take the bra off. Makes it worse. It’s the little muscles between the ribs going into spasm.

The amitriptyline should be helping, but don’t take it on empty stomach. If you are not hungry try to have a banana or piece of toast or something before you take it.

Are you able to take any time off work? The best thing for you to do is rest, inside, curtains closed and fan on. Try and stay as cool as possible. Do not take cold showers as this can make you hotter after you dry off. Take luke warm ones.

Have you an MS nurse you could contact? If so maybe be worth giving her/him a call.

So, bra off, loose clothing, cool as possible, as much rest as possible, no med’s on an empty tummy AND please try to take a couple of days off work. It’s set to cool off again on Friday.

Awful for you hon and am sending you ((((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))))))))

Pat x