Seem to be reacting badly to any kind of heat. excessive sweating


Does anyone suffer from really bad sweating to which they attribute to ms?

My face especially is terrible, it literally pours with sweat with only the slightest exertion, i look like someone has doused me with a wet flannel. It also turns bright red like i’ve got sunburn.

It’s not just the sunlight, I seem to go a vivid crimson if the heating is switched on on chillier nights.

This just didn’t happen before ms. I’m also wondering whether amitryptyline could be causing this, anyone had or having this experience?


i got a very strange rash on my throat, looked like i’d been throttled or had a rope around my neck (ugh!)

very dark red, very angry looking.

doc prescribed me a strong steroid cream and anti biotics.

when doc asked me what i’d been doing, i just had to say sweating in my sleep!

i have taken amitriptyline but havent taken any recently.

just another weirdo ms thing!

carole x

I’m exactly the same; just my head, nowhere else. My hair looks as if I’ve just got out the shower! I’ve always been hot and never feel cold, even pre MS. It happens after any exertion such as hanging the washing out or making a drink! You should see me after my physio class! I go bright red as well but I do also have rosacea

It’s only recently that I’ve looked at the side effects of my medication and amitryptaline and duloxetine both can cause sweating. I think I may mention it to my GP next time I see him as it can be a bit embarrassing.

Sarah x