Excessive sweating

Does anyone else have problems with excessive sweating? It’s cooler here so I thought it would be better today but no such luck!.

I got washed, dressed and came downstairs - had to rest for a while as sweating which was enough to make my hair damp.

Emptied dishwasher - as above but sweat now dripping down face.

It took me 3 more attempts to finish tidying the kitchen.

It only ever affects my head and happens after any slight exertion. Never happens if I’m just sitting. I’m 47 and did wonder about the menapause but haven’t had any other symptoms.

It really takes it out of me and is getting me down. Do you think it’s an MS thing and any ideas about what I can do about it?

Sarah x

Hi Sarah I suffer similarly and my neuro told me about Uhthoffs syndrome…it might be worth googling it and seeing if it rings true with you. I have portable air con units and fans all over the house and use cooling neck scarfs but there doesn’t seem to be I can do…except will on the winter !! Catherine Xx

Hi Sarah I too experience this,especially since the weather warmed up, even when it was freezing outside I didn’t seem to feel the cold and was comfortble whilst everyone else was wrapped up! Like u it seems to be my head, neck and face which sweats the rest of me is fine, but its horrible, would be nice to stop getting a sticky/wet hair line! I’m only 29 so I guess it can’t be the menopause! Liana x

I’ve been struggling with this for the past couple of months since the start of my relapse. I don’t think it’s just weather related as I was on holiday in April and it was around the same heat and had no problems. Now I feel hot and sweaty just doing simple things. When doing housework I literally pour with sweat - attractive! :slight_smile:

Hi there Sarah

I had an awful problem with sweating, deodorant didn’t seem to work, I think it was a combination of menopause and MS. I’m back to normal now though and took Black Cohash during menopause as I didn’t get on well with HRT.

Good luck

Wendy x

It’s been humid out today, I’ve been like this all day and worse now its been raining 86% humidity tonight

Hi Sarah, I am glad you asked this as this is a new one for me. I have suddenly started breaking out in sweat, for no reason. And if I exert myself in any way, it runs…ugh! I was a chef for 20 odd years until recently and never really broke a sweat, even in extreme heat so this is weird. Anyhow, good to know it is not only me xx

I am suffering with the opposite - I don’t seem to sweat anymore and easily overheat in this warm weather as my body can’t cool itself very well at all…

Thanks for your replies, it’s good to know it’s not just me! I haven’t been as bad today, yesterday I didn’t feel right all day

Today I’ve had my 1st session of acupuncture on the NHS to help with nerve pain. I must admit I’m a bit sceptical but I’ve got 6 sessions over the next 3 weeks so we’ll see how it goes!

Sarah x

Good luck with that Sarah, I also have found tai chi helpful for dealing with pain, it’s all about staying calm and doing the deep breathing exercises, also lieing down helps with nerve pain as I find it is not a pain that you can ‘work through’.

Wendy x

My experience of heat intolerance is that the impact lasts for a while ie days and sometimes weeks and you need to look after yourself and try not to let the anxiety that often comes with it to let you spiral down. I particularly found a terrible smell with the sweat which made me miserable. Anything that helps to get your core body temperature down is good - anything that risks putting it up try to avoid. Of course the kitchen in particular is a risky area as most things you do there include sources of heat… Good luck

Hi Sarah

I have exactly the same - have to say Vichy 48hr deodourant does the best job I’ve found for underarms tho not cheap - however mostly my head and neck and that is hard to solve, I am similarly starting to position fans about the house and at work - they all think I’m going through the menopause at work but my neurologist agrees likely to be the MS and is going to scan me as not on meds yet and a worsening over the summer.

If I discover any helpful tips shall post but we are defo not alone by the sounds of it


I ended up going to see my GP about it as it was getting me down. He prescribed Pro-Banthine and it has worked. I usually take 3 a day, they taste horrible though! I’ve even been to my physio class this afternoon and have come home without looking as if I’ve just got out of the shower!

Sarah x

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