Craniofacial Hyperhydrosis is really annoying me now!

I have R/R MS and was diagnosed in 2003. Although it has always been a bit of a problem my face, head and neck sweats (craniofacial hyperhidrosis) are now really becoming a problem. I have recently had to restart Fluoxetine for depression (after a lot of stress led me to threaten to throw myself off Culver Cliff) and it has lifted my mood a little, but the sweating is so bad my thinning hair gets so wet it sticks to my head and the sweat just drips off my face and runs down my neck to soak the neckline of my clothes. I hate spicy food so it isn’t that and I had HRT since the age of 14 to 40 ‘something’ due to an infertility condition. I am now 53. It is only my head and face that sweats but it is so embarrassing as it just happens out of the blue - even now I am sitting in an air conditioned room and have only just stopped sweating from about midday. My GP started me on Amytriptelline to try to help but that just zonked me out, he has now put me on Imipramine which I take at night but despite being on it for over 2 weeks it seems to have only made things worse. I volunteer one afternoon at an MS shop but have to sit with an electric fan directed straight at me and a towel to mop the sweat off otherwise it drips on the clothes I am pricing up. I have been taking Rebif for 9 years so it is unlikely to be that but has anyone else had this problem and found something that stops it. I love sitting out in the sunshine which doesn’t make it any worse but just sitting still in the living room can see the tap turned on uncontrollably. The sweats occasionally happen at night but mainly in the day at various times. The only other temperature issue I have is freezing cold feet when I go to bed, which once they are warmed up become too hot and I have to dangle them out of the bed with a fan on them to cool them down again - I think this is probably worsened by my diabetes though. I am in the process of being referred to a new MS specialist Neurologist who is now coming over to the Isle of Wight twice a week but it would be nice to have some idea of things that have worked for others - I have read Botox is a possible solution, so maybe I will get a free facelift too lol! Thanks for reading . Ideas welcome, even as a former nurse I am flummoxed on this.