Hello I am new here. I am 60 and past the menopause I think - which for me was horrendous - all over body sweats every half and hour or so - even during the night when my h usband said he could feel the heat coming off me! I eventually gave up my job as it was so embarrassing - I was a GP practice manager. I used to leave a wet area on a chair when I stood up so I tried not to put myself in that situation but how can you avoid it? Even going to the hairdresser and sitting on her nice leather armchairs I would be worried abot standing up and leaving a trail of moisture…most folks think you have weed yourself so it’s very embarrassing. I now get sweating but it is one sided. I realize that sounds daft but that is what happens to me. I sweat on the right hand side of my body and often say to my husband feel the back of my right hand or a part of my right leg - wet through but onthing on the left side. Am I alone in this? I have an appointment on 12th December with a neuro- should I tell him this or will he think I am nuts? I have been told I have probable MS after bouts of optic neuritis – also visual evolked potentials apparently showed a delay and I have thinning of the retina and pale optic disks - (I got all this from my neuro’s letter to me GP so don;t understand it fully). I have had trouble with my eyes for years and have had very little useful sight in my left eye for years. I was recently on holiday and realzed that I could not see the terracotta tiles on the patio - they were almost cream in colour when I looked at them with the left eye…blossom on a plant that was red - loads of the blossom - disappeared entirely when I looked with the left eye - it just merged into the green of the leaves. Also when on holiday my other - Good eye - gave me trouble and I felt that I was looking through a steamed up window - especially at dusk and in the dark. I can’t see in the dark anyway - haven’t had much night vision for years. I don’t drive but was told I would have to hand my license in if I did/ Was originally referred to opthalmology by opticial after routine - or so I though - test to see if I could get any glasses as I was buying cheap reading/magnifying glasses over the counter. Optician referred me urgently and I was seen within a fortnight. Ever since - about two years have passed - I have been under opthalmology and neuro. Opthalmology registrar told me I had MS then his senior consultant said he had no business to diagnose me and apologised - saying they wer eye doctors and a neuro had to diagnose me. Neuro said he thought might be Devic’s disease - that has since been ruled out so am in a bit of limbo. Have apparently got Babinski sign in feet - whatever that is. Have not felt the ground under my feet for years and have painful arms - can’t touch the skin - its lvery tender to the touch - and I get pain in muscles and shoulders as well as losing my grip on right hand side. Have burning and tingling in legs and feet and frequently feel if I don’t sit down my legs will give way.Was given large dose of oral steroids last summer for attack of optical neuritis- am told have had this several times and in both eyes. Any advice welcome - I value my sight above all and when last saw neuro in July2013 he said if any further trouble to come immeidately to eye casualty. Well I couldn’t do that from Spain so waited until I returned from hols and rang his secretary. Have now got opthalmology appointment in two weeks time. Do my eye symptoms sound familiar to anyone ? When I talked about night vision to opthamologist last time she just said perhaps it was left after an attack of optic neuritis and sort of dismissed it as unimportant. I am worried both about recent symptoms and what I should be asking when I see her. Thanks for any advice. MARY

Hi Mary You certainly have got a lot going on. May I suggest that I find it a lot easier to read posts when the paragraphs are split up and not an enormous long one. Defiantly mention to your neuro about different sides being affected and your sweats. Also mention any other symptoms and ask if there are any medication that might help you. Doctors lingo can be confusing so,if you don’t understand anything ask for an explanation. Sounds like you need a diagnosis so you know exactly what you’re dealing with To every single doctors appointment I always take a notebook with symptoms and questions written down. I will then always write any doctors answers down asking the doctor to slow down if necessary. It’s your appointment so make sure you get the most from it . Problems with your eyes must be scary. But it’s good you are seeing an ophthalmologist. I can’t help as no major problems with eyes. There must be information on this sight. Or if you put eyesight in the search box of this forum old posts will come up which is really useful. Take good care of yourself Hugs Min xx