PAIN in left thigh

Hi everyone hope all the mums had a wonderful day yesterday.

I dont usually bother with posting symptoms but this is driving me nuts with the pain.

It feels like someone has kicked me really hard in the side of my left thigh, its agony and hard to walk, and also the underside of my left foot is really hurting with nerve pain.

Yesterday it was so bad i could not even touch my leg.

Does anyone else get this, should I worry…or just get on with it?

I must say its one of the worse pains i have had for a while now, and is really making me feel crabby. 3 days its been going with no let up.

I cant be bothered to ring the GP she will just say take paracetamol lol…

Sorry guys just feeling a bit sorry for myself.

Yep, sounds familiar. There are all sorts of things for neuropathic pain - too bad paracetamol is not one of them! Do you have an MS nurse who is more likely to understand what you’re talking about than your GP? In the longer term, you might want to think about finding a GP who knows a bit about MS (or, at least, is willing to learn.)

Hope you get some relief soon.