Painful soles

Hi as my post title suggests I’ve started suffering from Pain on the soles of my feet in fact whole of my feet feel very tight and heavy. I’ve recently managed to reduce my pregablin - please don’t tell me there related. Anyone any ideas? Sarah’s

Hi Sarah,I hope the weather isn’t tiring you out,but one thing it may be doing is causing your latest problems.I have a feeling that I know what an MS Nurse or Neurotic would say to you.My feet are always painful,but they are swollen and hurt more and I’m blaming the Wet Office and the Forecasters

Roll on a good change in the weather


My feet hurt too but they’re loads worse with this heat! They get really hot temperature-wise and feel too hot even when they’re cold to the touch. Walking barefoot is horrible, it feels like the bones are digging through them :frowning:

I recently invested in a pair of “Hotter shoes”, even tho they’re the least “hot” shoes I’ve owned during my adult life, they are REALLY comfortable :wink: They have a sale on right now so I’m probably going to buy some more.

Sonia x

The soles of my feet hurt a lot !! Like jumping in sand shoes as a child is the only way to discribe the soles of my feet :confused: nothing seems to help