sore and painful feet

Does anyone else suffer from this problem? It started a few weeks ago. I have RR MS. For a long time now I often feel like I don’t know where to put my feet for them to be confortable and can’t bear the bedclothes (even just a sheet) on them. But this new problem began a few weeks ago and makes walking very unpleasant, uncomfortable and tiring. It mainly involves the soles of both feet which feel very sore and painful when standing or trying to walk. Once I sit down again the discomfort goes fairly quickly and I am left with a burning feeling that I have for most of the time.

Any advice woud be very welcome.

Have had the same problem as you, especially feeling like my feet are on fire. Bought some sponge insoles off the internet to try and help, they have improved them a little. Hope this helps.

I don’t have quite the same but the temperature sensitivity in my feet is shot and they sometimes feel like they’re radiating heat when they’re actually a bit cold, or feel that they’re icy cold when they’re normal temperature to the touch. Weirdest one is when they tell me they’re both freezing cold and radiating heat at the same time! But they’re not painful when they do that and walking doesn’t hurt. The only thing I’ve found that helps is to take my shoes off and just go barefoot until the sensation wears off - fine at home, not so easy at work!

Mitzy. My feet the same as yours, but soles and right ankle feels very cold but is cold to touch, strange.