Sore soles of I going mad?!

Hi everyone, I was diagnosed in Feb, and have had lots of sensory issues, as well as having been in a wheelchair or using a Zimmer frame for a year. Today, I’ve had a very strange feeling of soreness on the soles of my feet, almost like they’re burnt or sunburnt. They don’t hurt to touch - if anything, my hubby rubbing them helps, but he says my feet feel very warm, and him putting cold hands on them feels really nice. I’m not on any meds yet other than Amitriptyline as I’m seeing my neuro again on Mon for the results of my second MRI, and hoping that he will suggest what my treatment options are. Does anyone have any idea what it could be, or if it could be a relapse?

I find it’s putting pressure on them when walking I’ve never had cracked skin on heels but I do now and I’m sure it’s with walking wrong Have they said what type of ms you have I take pregabilin which def Helps. Sorry I can’t offer much help I was only dx in nov x

Thanks for your help x I don’t think it can be that though because I hardly walk at all - I use my frame to get from the sofa to the loo, but I’ve not been walking any different to usual, and unfortunately things haven’t changed for me over the past year. I’ve been using a foot cream because I’ve noticed my feet and shins have been getting really dry too I bought some ‘Udderly Smooth’ foot cream from Amazon, which is really good :slight_smile: My neuro looked at my notes and said he thinks I have RRMS, but he needed a second MRI to see what’s active at the minute and, hopefully to guide him towards what treatment he’s going to offer me. I was meant to be seeing him in May, but they cancelled the appointment at the last minute, and I’m now due to see him next Monday. Well, I guess I’ll mention these weird feelings when I see him and see what he says x

Sounds like sensory symptoms. Occasionally I get burning sensations not on my feet but on my thighs or arms. Do mention it at your neuro appointment. I take amiltryptiline and for me an extra tablet helps ease the feeling.


Thanks Cathy, can I ask what dosage you take of Amitriptyline? I started on 10mg in Feb, and have increased each month to my current 30mg, but I don’t find that it’s helping yet. I still have to take paracetamol alongside it regularly to ward off a headache. X

I get weird sensations in my feet: it varies from a mild tingle under the foot to a strong pins-and-needles in one or two toes, and the temperature sensations have gone haywire (my feet will feel like they’re radiating heat or freezing cold - sometimes simultaneously! - but when I touch them they feel normal temperature.

I am not on any medication.

Sorry, not sure how much help that is!

It’s good to hear I’m not alone and that other people are experiencing all this weirdness! Thanks Mitzi x

Hi, Before I was dx I had the feeling when I walked that I was walking on a small ping pong ball under my right foot, I could even feel, through my foot the hard ball like lump, there was ob nothing there. Went on for about 3 weeks then the feeling changed so it was like my dock had wriggled right down and was bunched under my foot. Like others have said, it’s prob a sensory thing. Just something to mess with our heads!, Hope it rectifies soon Sue x

I am on 25mg Amiltryptiline daily and my GP gave me the go ahead to double it if needed-I only do this if the sensory symptoms are particularly tiresome.