Sore feet

Hi, was diagnosed at Easter with MS after a having cold/numb legs travelling upwards. I had had these symptons 7 years ago. Having had MRI then and at Easter the neuro diagnosed MS. Had been having leg spasms for over a year which im told are linked but had just put it down to poor life style. Anyways moving on…over the last week i have had very painful balls of my feet/toes, also in aug. I end up limping around. Feels like ive been on my feet all day, which i am but then i always am. Has anyone expierenced this with MS. I think every new ailment i will think ‘is this the MS’ Thanks for any feedback Sue x

hi sue

as a relatively old hand with ms (2008 diagnosis) i will share the sorry tale of my sad feet.

i have tried lots of prescription meds but they all had unpleasant side effects.

now i have a good glass of gin, feet still feel the same but the side effect of hangover make me feel like a normal person!

rubbing a cooling lotion on my feet helps temporarily and makes my feet nice and soft.

my feet burn to the point of waking me up, i have a spray called magicool kept by the side of my bed.

hope you manage to muddle through

carole x

down to a poor lifestyle? what the chuff do they mean by that?

MS is never due to a poor lifestyle.

Bloomin cheek!


Sorry they didnt say poor life style. I thought that was why i was having issues. Turns out its muscle spasms not the fact i dont drink enough water.

Try not to link everything to MS :-/

maybe go and see a podiatrist about your feet as they may offer something to ease your symptoms