Toe curling?? Foot pain at night which then affects me all day!

Hi all,

very new to MS (see my post is this the start of my ms journey, in the newly diagnosed forum!) first symptoms only started in October and already I have countless issues, one of which being toe/foot pain at night! I wake up and it’s like my toes have been curled up all night! They’re so tight and sore! It then hurts all day! Does anyone have this and how can I help make it better?

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I’m new on here myself, I have PPMS which was diagnosed in 2015 but due to my different symptoms over the past few years it’s probable that I’ve had it a lot longer. I also have Fibromyalgia which unfortunately has some similar symptoms, especially pain & fatigue.

Anyway, it took me a while to pluck up the courage to join here and now I’m so glad that I have as they’re a lovely bunch of people male & female, young & old and they’ve got lots of advice/support to offer wherever possible.

Like you I have a problem with my feet and they can be extremely painful especially when walking. When sitting or lying down I am constantly trying to curl up and stretch out my toes and feet, and also trying to rotate my ankles to try and ease the pain and stiffness. I also get a lot of ‘electric shock’ type pain (presumably nerve pain) in my feet and my legs which comes from nowhere but makes my feet & legs jump/kick out suddenly or I stomp my foot as if I’ve just had an ‘electric shock’.

I have mentioned this to my Consultant/Doctor/MS Nurse previously and been told that it’s part of my MS & Fibro. I could take certain medication that could help with it but I’m reluctant to take anything more and therefore having to (as they say) grit my teeth and bare it but I suppose there will come a time when I won’t able to anymore.

Maybe you could mention this to whomever you see next and see if there’s any form of exercise (or pain relief if you want to go down that route) that may help you other than that maybe someone else on here can suggest something.

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I use a Magnesium spray from Holland and Barrett. I spray it into my palm (as if it gets a mist on the floor it’s very slippery for a long while!) and massage into my feet and knees at night. Morning too if I’m stiff. Eases pain and seems to relax the joint a little.

Hi Poppy 6488,

I’ve never heard of that before but sounds ideal.

Maybe EW5514 could try that.

I think I’ll have a look at it too.

Twinkle Toes x

yes i was just going to say try magnesium oil.

it is absorbed more efficiently through the skin.