OUCH! Can this be a symptom?

So I’m not long diagnosed so still trying to work out whats linked to this it not. My newest symptom is shooting pains in my toes. I wouldnt describe it like a cramp but not far off. Really can take my breath away.
Anyone else get this and is it part of the MS?

It could be love, but try to remember that not everything will be MS related, so if it is really worrying you, why not ring your MS nurse........presuming you have one, eh?

luv Pollx


A couple of weeks ago I had a really painful toe, very wierd sensation almost like there was a marble inside it. It lasted about 2 days then just disappeared. I reckon it was an MS sympton. Now my right leg feels stiff and my calf feels really tight. Probably brought on by cold weather.

I hope your toes improve soon

My toes currently feel as if they have sand under them (I've checked, they don't), it's a bit strange, but it's only lasted a couple of days so far, if it goes on for over a week, I'll check with my GP that it's not something other than the MS.  MS brings all sorts of weird and wonderful symptoms, and it can "mask" other things, as you're new at this though, I'd go and get checked out,

Luisa x