Tingling Toes and Pain

I’ve had tingling toes in my right foot for a few days on and off but today whilst walking the bottom of my foot became extremely tingly and then too painful to walk on (cue funny looks from passer-by’s!) it lasted about a minute and has been fine since. Has anyone else had similar? I try not to put every ache or weird feeling down to my ongoing symptoms but this is a new one for me. (Undiagnosed) Any help much appreciated :blush:

Well, that certainly does sound like the sort of nice trick that MS likes to play, but I dare say there are other things do similar. Always a good idea to make notes of weird stuff that just isn’t - ISN’T - normal - you will know what I mean by that, I’m afraid. You think you’ll remember times and dates, but, if you’re like me, you won’t.

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Thank you! I’ve been keeping a record of symptoms but hasn’t really thought to be more specific so I appreciate the suggestion. :heart:

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Have had sudden foot pain, caused by fluid build up around the tendons - not tingly beforehand, just suddenly very painful. All due to my altered gait and unstable knees and ankles. Cue the lovely guys in the Orthotics department who sorted out my made to measure orthotic insoles which have sorted out the random sudden foot pain.


Thanks for the reply I’ve had right side issues for a while I don’t have foot drop as such but that foot/knee has a tendency to buckle or makes me wobble off balance. Thankfully no pain since and the tingling is less so hopefully it’s just fleeting :blush: