This is a weird one for you all..

This week has been pretty bad in terms of pain etc., especially in my legs and right foot (?). Its like my right foot doesnt work properly and in order to walk I find myself limping with my right foot turned outwards. Even when I stand it seems to naturally want to turn out. Its very painful if I make straighten it up and only not painful when its turned outwards.

Anyone had this or am just the only weirdo with this one :(

Thanks people

Paula xx

Hi Paula, your right it is a weird one but you’re in the right place for an answer. I know from my personal experience that sometimes my muscles
want to go their own way I end up having a.cramp or spasm and my arms/legs hands/feet twist into un-natural positions which gets a bit scary or embarassing. This gets worse with work/exercise and heat.

Perhaps your symptoms are something similar you should really be
discussing this with your gp or neuro as they will be able to help.

There are on the forum with lots of people with more experience than I who can give you better advice and a.more definative answer so hang in there and lets hope they give you better answers than I can.
So good luck Paula and I hope your feeling better soon.


Hi Paula, I forgot to mention I dont think.your a weirdo at all!!



I haven’t had this, but i’ve met one or two MSers who do so you’re not alone!

There are a few possible things that could be going on. The best thing would be to see a neurophysio to find out what, plus get treatment and advice on any meds that might help (eg baclofen). Your GP can refer you.

Karen x

Thank you Frank and Karen.

Glad Im not the only one! And I will attempt to get yet another appointment with my GP, or phone the neuro tomo

P xx


 im not dx but i do have this problem and it  does hurt to try and keep my foot straight sort of unatural..i thoiught it was just me imagining it..confused   xxx


Good to know that Im not the only weirdo! Its still happening, and Im still limping along, stumbling along more like x

Hi Paula

Did someone say weird- I am here.
I get this when I try and walk with crutches, normally I ave a limp but m feet are normal, give me a crutch and my right foot goes out at and angle of about40 degrees
I am looking at a FES machine when the physio decides in their infinite wisdom to see me. Hope hey facilitate the PCT will foot ( no pun intended) the costs.
Hope you are ok

Mike :slight_smile:

Hi Mike

My right foot is also at about 40 degrees. Even when I am laying down my foot wants to be at an angle. Seems like it wants to be there naturally now :s

It definitely never used to be like that. Am waiting for the neuros sec to phone me back tomo so will mention this as well as other things too. Am definitely falling to pieces at the moment :(


Hi Paula

Apparently a FES machine (like tens) is supposed to be good for leg spasticity.