Walking = Pain. Help please!

Hello everyone, Could do with some advise/support. I have been having horrible pains in my legs recently. It always happens when I do any walking but it’s always afterwards. I can manage to walk where I need to but I pay for it the evening after or days after. It seems to be coming more painful and caused by less walking. The words numb heavy throbbing and going in wrong direction are how I can describe it. Spoke to nurse and was told its all part and parcel. Can anyone suggest anyway to ease the pain? Finding this really hard! Thanks Steph x

OMG the pain today is unbelievable. I only did the smallest amount yesterday. Numbness and electric shock style pain someone please advise on short term relief options until I can speak to a doctor. (Monday) Thanks in advance

Lie down and do nothing. Take the day to relax and recover.


Are you taking baclofen Steph? I was prescribed it for the very symptoms you describe and now I dont get so many pains during/after walking. I still get the odd spasm and sharp pains but not as much as previously.

Seems ms loves picking on different parts of our body at different times but the legs are one of the worst.

take care,



Hi thanks for both comments. No I am not taking anything as its a recent thing. I am taking it easy and taking codine at min. With be speaking with the GP/MS nurse about it tomorrow. Thanks Steph x