Leg nerve pain - like Sciatica

Hi all I’m just wondering if anyone has had nerve pain that starts from the buttock and goes down to the back of knee and down the lower leg? It feels like what I imagine Sciatica feels like. Thanks


Yeah, I sometimes get this sort of pain too. It comes on if I push myself and walk too far, and after sitting for a while, when I put my foot down I get a sharp pain that starts in my heel and shoots up the back of my leg and ends up under my arm. A few times I’ve had an awfull ‘electric shock’ like pain starting under my arm and goes down to my finger tips, it’s so painfull that it takes my breath away, the slightest movement brings it on again. When it first happened I thought I was having a heart attack! My MS Nurse told me I could just take an anti-inflamatory like Neurofen but I’d love to know if anyone could let me know of a quicker way of getting some relief!

Hi I’ve had similar since December. It tends to be worse in the evening. My nurse suggested I be prescribed gabapentin which did start to work. I’ve reduced and now stopped it as the pain is less now and I can manage without. Most uncomfortable though X

I had this but it was sciatica so dont assume all is ms related. They tested me by putting pressure (hand) on big toe I couldnt press the toe up, this is typical of sciatica apparently, might be worth getting checked zoe

Hi there. it sounds like sciatica not MS . i suffer with what you describe occasionaly and to get some relief i lay on the floor with my knees bent and then let my legs fall to one side and then the other. i do this a few times and just once a day. After a couple of days i notice a difference and the pain goes away. A sports physio would be able to help. good luck

Thanks all. As MS brings new symptoms, I just assumed to start with, it was just a new one to behold. However, I’ve been thinking more and more that it is indeed sciatica given that the pain I have in my lower leg has almost faded away once I’ve walked for more than an hour; 3 hours in total today. Once home and I’ve sat for a while, the pain returns but in the upper leg and when I stand up, I hobble away from the settee. It encourages me that the pain goes away when I’ve walked so tend to think it isn’t my MS. I am therefore getting checked out by my GP firstly…good if it is the lesser of two evils. Many thanks for taking the time to post a reply; this being my first foray into the Forum. Xx

I have been suffering with this sciatica like paine for the past three days. to the point where all I could do was sit and cry yesterday morning ( not like me at all). I went to the GP he said he thinks it is sciatica but then it was the first time I had seen him and I am not sure he understood MS. It seems to be waining today so I am more moblie and doing some exercises that seem to help, gentle twists at the waist and lying down and letting my legs fall side to side, this feels quite comforting. I can’t walk long distances as it brings on fatigue, but I am walking around the house as much as possible. Hope it gets better soon I do sympathise.

I have this in right leg. As it’s the leg affected by a lesion and numbness / tingling etc I assumed it was neuropathic pain. Now wondering if it is sciatica. Tried big toe test and OK on left leg, not on right. Varies in pain level. Sometimes nothing needed. Sometimes ibuprofen works. Sometimes I just have to groan and grimace as nothing touches it. I will ask my GP. Thanks.