Back pain/sciatica and MS

HI all

Thought I would ask here instead of consulting Dr Google - he’s not very helpful and is forever sending me on a wild goose chase!

I have only recently been dx with MS so am still getting used to all of it’s little ‘quirks’. I am very aware that not every physical problem I ever experience will be down to the MS, but I’m wondering if this is.

My lower back on the left side is very painful. It feels sort of like nerve pain and seems to also affect my left leg. If I put weight on my left leg it’s very painful and doesn’t want to support any weight.

It’s an aching pain that intensifies with movement, like if I bend down. But also hurts when I sit and lay down. It almost feels like it needs to crack or something, but nothing seems to help.

Sorry if this is all as clear as mud, it can be so hard to explain pain.

I’m wondering if it could be sciatica and conversely if it could be MS related? Any advice/experiences would be very much appreciated.

PG xx

Sounds like my back pain except it doesn’t travel to my legs it starts on lower back moves to left side where ribs are and up to shoulder blades sometimes. It’s very painful and gabapentin doesn’t help and I’m on 900mg about to go on to 1200mg going to ask my neuro for something else it’s worse bending and when I lie on my side.


That can be a tricky one…my husband had Sciatica flare up a few months ago, or what we thought was a flare up. then neuro said it was his ms - gave steroids, then back specialist said it was sciatica - gave pain killers…we went round and round in circles, eventually he had an MRI and it turned out to be a (excuse spelling) sequested disc. He got so bad though he couldjnt walk and was housebound for months.

I hope yours eases soon…pop along to the dr for some stron pain killers?


Hi PG. Actually yes lower back pain, just like I used to get few years ago, and would go to osteopath get cracked, then back on golf course, now it won’t crack, if I stand for long, only talking mins I feel like my back is collapsing and I need to stretch, if yours is like mine, it’s not sciatica, I keep saying they got it wrong, it’s a back problem, my wife says No you’ve got it wrong they done all the tests, wishful thinking, lol.

Thanks all for your replies. It’s still pretty painful and walking is a bit of a struggle. It seems to be getting worse as the day goes on. Perhaps it is becoming more agitated.

I’ll give a few more days (as long as the pain stays manageable) and then I’ll pop along to my GP if things aren’t improved.

Thank you all so much for your insights and personal experience

PG xx

I would get it checked , I was told it wasnt ms pain but anxiety causing the pain… went to chiropractor and back classes and problem resolved . A yr later saw a neuro back surgeon who looked at mri of back when pain had started and said id had a prolapsed disk. Neuro and gp missed this and I lost a yr of mobility and it wasnt the ms xx

Yep - I do get this quite a bit and sometimes more than other but I do find a bit of swimming and gentle exercise helps it…do feel that it is connected to our MS…