Lower back pain

hi everyone

hope you all had a health and happy Xmas. I hope I can pick your brains for some advice. Since Boxing Day I have been suffering really badly with lower back pain. It’s spread across the whole of my back just around the tail bone and is going into me left side. It feels as if everything in that area is swollen and painful. I had been taking ibuprofen and paracetamol and a back rub which never touched the pain. Today my doctor gave me diazepam and the difference is unbelievable. It’s still so but not half as bad. I believe I got this from standing to long over the cooker on Xmas day and being on my feet for so long.

Im wondering has this happened to anyone else and could Ms be the cause of my pain. Sometimes I feel that everything is put down to Ms. Thanks in advance and happy new year to you all


People with MS tend to have weak core muscles - i.e. the muscles of the trunk that help you stay upright - so yes, it’s very likely you have back pain from standing a long time and straining those weak muscles. Core strengthening exercises like yoga or pilates are supposedly very good, though I can’t say I’ve ever tried them (I do have some physio exercises that are almost all based on pilates).

A few weeks ago, I put my back out very badly - The pain was so bad I was afraid to move, cough, or sneeze.

My doctor and I both agreed it was an injury, rather than a relapse (I could even feel the place clicking) - but, it wasn’t just a random injury, but probably connected with having weak muscles from MS in the first place. I have found getting injured from nothing at all is an increasingly common problem, as my muscles are too tight and too weak for the things I try to make them do.

I have one of these serious back incidents about once or twice a year. At first my doc used to ask me if they were relapses (How am I supposed to know?), but as they don’t seem to be linked to any flare-up of other symptoms, we concluded it’s an injury - but still linked to the MS. It normally takes at least ten days of being very careful before it starts to get better. I use heat packs and a lot of codeine while it’s really bad.




I’ve had occasional back pain for years, sometimes disabling. The cause of this was a mystery until I had my first spine MRI scan. The were looking for MS lesions, which they found, but also two areas of ‘wear & tear’ damage showed up. On later scans the damage is seen to deteriorate. I’ve been told it’s caused by ageing, but do wonder whether MS plays a roll or not – walking with a changed gait must alter the stresses on the back.

I sympathise with your pain. I find codeine very good, and a long hot bath brings some relief, if I’m able to get in and out of the tub, that is.


I get back pain every day I was given gabapentin but it didn’t help so neurologist gave me Pregabalin can’t tell if it works yet I am on 300mg a day :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone. I’m sitting here at 4.30am waiting on a diazepam to kick in. I’m worried about taking the cocodamol the gp gave me as I don’t want to be spaced out. I’m really hoping this eases up soon really hate sitting about. Xx

Hi Ruby,

I’ve never got spaced out on cocodamol - but then neither have I on diazepam or baclofen (the ones others keep saying they get spaced out on).

If anything was going to make you feel spaced out, I’d say it was more likely to be the diazepam - which you’ve already taken without worrying. If that went OK, but you’re still in pain, try the cocodamol. If nothing else, it would be good to know if you’re OK with it, in case you’re ever in this position again.



Hi Ruby

I have suffered from a painful back for years. When my back is in spasm (thankfully not that often!) I find that a combination of a product called deep freeze, similar to deep heat then a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel and strapped to my back does wonders.

I also have a tube of voltarol emulgel kept in the cupboard for days when I feel a niggle coming on.

Hope it sorts itself out soon

Thanks for all the advice I’m really in agony but then again im probably not trying enough. I’m wondering if this is spasms but I don’t think it would go on this long if it was.

Today I woke up with terrible back pain it eased a little but it still hurts I go to sleep on my side but always wake up on my back this morning it wS so bad I couldn’t get out of bed still sore so more pain killers are needed.

I tried taking the cocodamol but after realising I was mopping the same spot on the floor I decided they weren’t for me. Anyway the doctor has increased the diazepam for a few days so I’m hoping that will sort it out. Take care guys xx

What are you doing mopping the floor, if you have a really bad back? I don’t know whether you mean at work or at home, but in either case, which is more important, that, or your health? There is no point stuffing yourself full of diazepam but then mopping the floor. If you are going to attempt some light housework, I would have thought mopping the floor would be the very last thing to try, with a dodgy back. It won’t get better if you don’t take care of it. What would your doctor say if he/she thought you had been floor-mopping after everything that’s been prescribed to try to help? I’m afraid it’s not one of those things that gets better by trying to teach it who’s boss, and giving the floor a jolly good mop.


Hi just to say i always get really bad lower back pain when i have a urine infection .Just a thought. Hope you feel less pain soon. Katy