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Hi Everyone :slight_smile: New to this forum but not new to M.S :frowning: Just wanted some advice plz x Does anyone suffer with servere back pain with their M.S? Thanx to everyone in advance xx

Hi, and welcome!

MS is hugely variable, and although some symptoms (like numbness, pain or tingling) are very common, exactly which ones you get, and where is the body, tend to be personal to the individual.

I do get a very bad back sometimes - however, I believe this is a combination of MS and other factors. I believe there is an actual mechanical problem with my back - there is a place that clicks and cracks. This would NOT be caused by MS, as MS is a neurological problem - not a disease of the joints.

However, people with MS often have quite weak core muscles (the trunk muscles that keep you upright in a sitting or standing position, basically). So I think what is happening is my weak muscles don’t give enough support to my already dodgy lower back, and every so often the bit that clicks goes one click too far, and I’m left almost unable to move (scared to cough, sneeze, etc.)

I think this is “normal” lower back trouble that a lot of people get - my mum is also prone to it to, although she doesn’t have MS. I just think my weak muscles make me a bit more susceptible, because they’re not supporting my back in the way they should.

A physiotherapist would be able to show you some core strengthening exercises that may help support your back, but yoga or pilates classes are supposed to be very good too. In fact, many of the core strengthening exercises that would be prescribed by a physio are borrowed directly from pilates.




I sometimes get knots in my shoulder, which I think can be quite common in wheelchair users. I use a spiky massage ball to sort them out - I lie on the floor with the ball underneath my shoulder, then move my shoulder round so the ball massages the shoulder. When it hits the spot it’s utter heaven! You ca pick them up off ebay or Amazon for a few quid, depending on the size (mine’s about the size of a tennis ball and cost about a fiver).


Hiya and welcome to this brilliant forum.

I too get terrible low back pain. My neuro thinks the obvious cause is the MS but I am having an MRI of my lumber to eliminate anything else that may be going on.

Hope you manage to get your pain lessened.

Shazzie xx

Hello and welcome

Yes, I have constant back pain but I have a type of arthritis besides the ms.

If you’ve not had an x-ray of your spine, perhaps that’s something you could discuss with your gp. A simple x-ray would show any arthritic changes.

Or like shazzie says, your doc may feel a MRI is more appropriate.

Look forward to chatting more