Weak lower back


I was diagnised with MS recently. My symtoms are pretty minimal although the diagnosis was a result of some troubling eye problems.

When the neurologist discussed the MS with me I mentioned weakness in my lower back - I went for a walk on flat ground but after about 4 miles I was having trouble standing up straight and had to give up after 7 miles.The Neuro said that this symptom is really associated with MS.

My MS nurse said she could refer me to a physiotherapist. I do have balance pronlems - but not hugely severe. Has anyone else had problems like this? Did any exercises help?

Thanks for you help.


Hi Fade,

Weak “core strength”, as it is called, is hugely common with MS. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s inevitable, as MS varies so much, but it seems to be one of the most frequently reported problems.

The exercises you’ll be recommended will almost certainly be based on Pilates, and yes, they can improve core strength - but don’t expect miracles.

Expect a lot of perseverance for only modest benefits, and you won’t be disappointed. They can help, but not make you feel as if you didn’t have MS. That’s my experience, anyway.


Hi Fade, I have problems with my back and my physiotherapist gave me some exercises to do. They help keeping the core muscles strong and maintain suppleness to the spine. They are also important for stamina, I left seeking treatment too long and lucky if I can walk half of a mile so you are lucky to find out sooner rather than later asaa you have more stamina to maintain. (if that makes sense). good luck with the exercises and stick with them as they are important for your mobility. Frank.

I was surprised to learn that an awful lot of my MSer friends have problems with their lower back, just like me: I hadn’t realised it was so common.

I saw a physio for mine and we worked out a load of core exercises for me, building up from easy stuff to working with a gym ball and then doing harder stuff with the ball. They have not cured the problem, but they have definitely helped.

Good luck with yours!

Karen x

Hi Fade,

I also have weakness in my lower back. I think this was my first problem but didn’t know i had ms at the time.

I went to an osteopath and had 6 sessions - i had to pay but felt it was well worth the money.

After i was diagnosed i had problems again and also horrendous balance also. My neuro refered me to a neurophysiotherapist.

She worked with me for 6 months - once a week. (I was pretty bad at the time). She worked on my core strength as Karen said and also with my balance. It worked for me.

I have a flare up of pain just every now and then -usually when i have been lifting something too heavy or when i am overtired. I try not to do these things now to avoid triggering it again.

Best wishes

Teresa. x


Thanks for this post. I have had problems with my lower back for some time and honestly I have been doing my best to ignore the problem… Better do something about it now after reading your replys.

The funny thing is i’ve known for a long time but doing something about it seems like so much hard work!!! I was a sports development manager as well but energy levels are pretty low.

Take care.

G :slight_smile:

My MS nurse has organised a physio appointment for me so I plan to ask about exercises that I could do to help.

I used to run a lot but now my legs feel heavy quickly and it feels like they are trying to knock together - so it would be good to get some advice about this also.