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Could all the ladies please have a look at the ladies help post on the new diagnosis forum as replies are


Thank you

They are few, but good. I don’t really have much to add to what’s already been said there. People with MS commonly have weak core muscles - and that means exercise (whether in the bedroom or a duller variety) often causes more pain and fatigue than is normal for most people.

I don’t think anyone’s going to come up with a miracle solution, sorry. Pilates, or a referral to a neurophysiotherapist (who often prescribes pliates-like exercises anyway) MAY help. But it probably won’t make it as if there was nothing the matter. If there was anything that did that, we’d all be signed up for it!


Yes well said Tina, definitely an activity requiriung a bit of pacing lol

Think swinging from the lighshade may be a thing of the past