MS Newbie


I was diagnosed with MS a fortnight ago following Brain MRI and Lumber Puncture. Symptoms started four years ago, tingling in legs, fatigue and stiff heavy leg when tired or if I power walk!

I’ve got a 12 - 16 week wait to see the MS team (in another Health Board)… I get daily symptoms and am trying to manage it with healthy diet (to keep my energy levels topped up) and resting, does anyone know the best excercises to do and what are safe times ie. 10 min sessions

would appreciate any advice as I feel like I’m in a surreal situation at the moment and am trying to get a bit of normal…


exercise is good but like you say, small bursts is probably the best.

pilates is excellent for strengthening the core.

yoga too.

gym workouts are fine but be prepared to be wiped out with fatigue!

keep hold of your normal for as long as you can.

carole x

Thanks for the response, will give it a try see how I get on.

have found it really helpful and informative reading through the posts…


Why not see if you can be referred to a physiotherapist? They can help you to work out a sensible exercise programme tailored to your needs. You could ask your MS nurse, once you are assigned one, or your GP. In my area there is a Community Neurology Team, which includes physio, OT & bowel and bladder nurse (and I think other specialists). The physios use a gym that is equipped with exercise gear useful for the disabled, as well as doing home visits.

Carole is right about Pilates and Yoga. You could also try swimming.

Anything that strengthens your core is going to pay dividends in the years to come, regardless of how many relapses you do or don’t have.


I was diagnosed yesterday after four years of tests. The thing is I was told to carry on as normal to be honest as long as I can, but every person is different. Les mills on demand means you can work out from your front room. From yoga, Pilates to body combat etc plus only £10 per if I’m having a bad day or week info for easier stuff like yoga. Good luck.

Hi, I am a little concerned I have had an MRI only 5 days ago and I have already received a letter to see the neurologist. Very quick. I am interested in your diagnosis and he said that if there’s nothing to worry about he would write to me and not need to see me. What happens after the MRI? How was your diagnosis? Thank you

Everyone is different, but I had my MRI for brain done then they asked me back for my spine too. They found lesions on my brain and on most others with MS which you’ll see on the scan as white bits.diagnosis was all morning for me. The professor was amazing and made me feel OK, and they also made me have ultrasound on bladder and an eye test too. Good luck

Hi update- I have high signal/inflammation on my brain (Cerebellar middle peduncle) and the consultant suspects MS. He said he wants to take an MRI of my neck and have a lumber puncture test. I have an appointment to see him again in 6 weeks time.

Hi Emma

I’m sorry to hear that you may be joining our merry bunch of MSers.

How do you feel about it? Are you resigned to be hopefully getting a diagnosis, or sh*t scared? Whichever it is, you will probably worry yourself silly over the next few weeks until you get your final answer. The only good thing is that your neurologist seems to be moving quickly. I don’t think you need to worry about the speed, just be grateful for it.

Re the lumbar puncture, people are often bothered by the thought of it. Have a look at: It tells you about how it’s used to diagnose MS but there are links at the bottom of the page which tell you about the actual procedure.

Just make sure you lay down flat for as long as possible afterwards, and drink plenty of caffeine. People usually use full strength coke and a bendy straw (so you stay laying down). Both are to avoid a very nasty headache. Not everyone gets the headache from hell (I didn’t) and some people take the laying down/caffeine approach and still get a killer headache.

Let us know how you’re getting on. You might find it’s a good thing next time to start your own posting. Just hit the New Thread button, give it a title and write what’s happening, what questions you might have and how you’re doing.


Thank you Sue that’s really helpful. I will start a new thread xx