exercise :-/

I know I need to exercise. I was prescribed the gym for 12 weeks last year. I really struggled to find myself a routine, doesn’t help that I work shifts. Any suggestions? I want something that I can enjoy & get fit at the same time. Anyone else in a similar situation? I do think exercise will help towards my ms.

I joined an ms gym session but it wasnt for me so went to pilates which i love and really helps i suffer fatigue but this gives me energy x

I go to the gym twice a week. I feel really tired after but mentally a lot better for having done it. I assume its doing some good but its certainly not doing any harm!

I do Taekwondo - which works for me - if it sounds too energetic, you could try Tai Chi.

Hi Minnie-Mouse,

Yeah, I hear you, I’m wanting to do some extra excersise now too and booked a 9 week course at my local gym (through my GP), but stopped after four sessions as I couldn’t enjoy it at all, my ‘Personal Trainer’ would insist on putting me on two different kinds of bikes saying it would improve my posture, I get where he was coming from but seeing as I was continually falling off, didn’t think it was right for me. :frowning:

I’ll try Pilates though, it sounds like it works, and isn’t too strenuous.

Hi Minnie-Mouse

As a few have already mentioned Pilates or Callanetics, its amazing the difference they make, also no throwing yourself around or exerting yourself too much (but you will feel it). Will help a lot with balance.

Cherry x

you have to find something you find enjoyable and fulfilling otherwise, you just wont do it.

i have always been pretty active, lifting weights, playing hockey, messing around with the dog.

with my diagnosis came the intention to make the absolute most of all these things i enjoy (and more) to as great an extent as possible.

i figure if i am ultimately to end up in a chair or confined to a bed, i better be sick and bloody tired of doing all those things i currently love to do!

and on top of all this, i find some of symptoms (the burning and tingling etc) subside after a good dose of activity (although sometimes i must admit, i can provoke some others; a ‘hot sock’ especially).

it doesn’t really matter what you do, as long as you do it! and this is true for every and any human being, no just those in our particular predicament!

now get started already!

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I also do taekwondo and i love it, its great for stretching and balance and is also really fun

Gym? water, swimming, aqua excellent for me +riding my bike, also walking everywhere, no lifts/escalators, just walk up the stairs - must try harder as ar as far as gym is concerned.…not very good with anything that involves complicated machines (well for me) and instructions and where you are measured on how fast you go…

Gosh i feel so lazy lol…63 i can barely walk round my garden. I have bantam chickens i look after to get me up in the morning. I used to do lots of things, walk dog etc etc, but now i can barely walk out the gate. I would love to do something more.

I make myself get up and walk about and try to walk with PA when we go out but i cant do the shops anymore. I wonder if there is something i could do which would not wear me out so much … i feel embarrassed reading all these energetic posts lol…

Swim if you can get to a pool, if you can’t then take a walk at lunchtime (or whenever is your main break) and find some stairs to go up and down. Get a pedometer for a few pounds or a Fitbit or other networked activity device if you have more, they help to monitor activity.

Exercise doesn’t have to mean a gym, routine is everything so shifts aren’t going to help but having a routine around your work time may help.

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Dont feel bad, we do what we are ABLE to do, i used to be very active,and loved exercising when i COULD do, i walked everywhere,went to aerobics and swimming and loved it,

but the progression of my ms these days doesnt allow me to now

these days i do pilates and 5 minutes on my exercise bike on a good day.i cant walk very much at all, i manage round the house though.I dont compare myself to others,i know what i can do,and its not that much.

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So true, mrsJ. I used to use my hiking poles for hiking. Now I use them to toddle along between the shops. C’est la vie. I have a similar programme to yours these days - pilates exercises and a few minutes on the indoor ski machine when I can face it. Not much, but not nothing either, and it really helps in all sorts of ways.


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Thank you everyone’s comments. I didn’t totally hate the gym, it was just not being able to get into a proper routine & when I just wanted to go for an hour, it ended up taking up the whole morning. I’m scared to get into a contract in case I don’t go very often & it will be like throwing money away. Maybe I’m just to fussy lol. Part of me wants to take up running but the cold weather puts me off & I’d feel really self conscious. I do try do some at home & i use my wii fit sometimes.

I go to the gym twice a week and try to do 5 miles on the bike & seated pedalling machine plus a circuit of weights and occasionally go for a swim…I must admit that i feel better for it not losing any weight (I love my food) but there is a feeling of achievement after it all…I may not be the quickest, fittest or the best but when I’m in the gym, I’m still lapping everyone on the couch

Anything to stretch out those tendons is beneficial.

Later on, muscle wastage becomes a problem. I don’t think there’s a single muscle group that swimming doesn’t exercise!

Classes are great too. Especially if you enjoy them. Gym can be a chore otherwise.

Similarly, getting someone roped in to go with you encourages the motivational aspect.